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2023-12-07 13:18:10

Created from a collective initiative, it illuminates the diverse Viennese scene. A platform is created for projects and new collaborations on the lively and fertile soil of the Viennese soundscape.

You can experience performances, concerts and installations on sound, light and objects as well as DJ sets and unpredictable interventions. By bundling the diverse sonic output and the extensive network, the festival provides an overview of the musical tendencies of the city of Vienna.

The festival is taking place for the fifth time this year: more than 20 organizations that deal with new music, sound art, improvisation, pop, techno, performance, club culture and much more. End of the Year Chocolate Hollow Body is a diverse festival for inclusive sounds, games and images. This stage is open and complex; it stands for liberal cross-tones and unrestricted timing.

End of the year chocolate hollow bodies
Fri, December 8th, 2023: Concerts 8:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.; Jam session 01:00-04:00
Sat, December 9th, 2023: Concerts 8:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.; DJ 01:00-04:00
in the Theater am WERK
Petersplatz 1, 1010 Vienna

The name End of the year chocolate hollow bodies is derived from a paraphrase for chocolate Santa Claus and Santa Claus that was common in the GDR. The awkward charm of this word construction, which strives for neutrality in order to be able to describe something that is frowned upon, is not without humor and is also suitable for an event that can also be understood as a common end to the year for the experimental scene.

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End of the year chocolate hollow bodies
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