End of Unlimited WhatsApp? Of course, TIM and Vivo may end up offering free apps

2023-07-13 17:35:33

Clear, TIM e Vivo, the major mobile operators in Brazil are considering ending the offer of unlimited plans for certain applications, such as WhatsApp, Telegram and TikTok, for example. Currently, many mobile internet plans offer unlimited access to certain applications, allowing you to use them without consuming your bandwidth.

Of course, TIM and Vivo may end up with unlimited WhatsApp

For many years, offering unlimited apps served as a commercial strategy to attract new consumers, however, it turned into a major problem for operators. With the popularization of 4G and now also 5G, the amount of data that these applications move has taken a huge leap, which has forced operators to maximize revenues to cope with investments in the infrastructure of these networks.

What does Claro say?

Claro is the main operator in the Brazilian market, and although the company’s president, José Félix, believes that the proposal to offer unlimited access to several apps (also known as the zero rating practice) was a mistake, this is not exactly the case. company reality. this is still far from happening. Today, Claro offers plans with unlimited use of apps such as WhatsApp, Waze, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

“I have no doubt that the zero rating was a mistake, a mistake. There is nothing that cannot be fixed.”

Jose felix
President of Claro

What does TIM say?

TIM is the company that most invested in installing antennas for the 5G network, but even so, it has considered stopping offering plans with unlimited apps. Currently, in prepaid plans, the operator offers WhatsApp and Deezer without discounting the internet allowance. As for the postpaid plans, the offer includes apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with some of them being unlimited for just a few months.

“Having unpaid traffic will always generate a loss. It is up to us to assess whether this attracts enough more customers to the point of not taking this benefit.”

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Fabio Avellar
TIM’s Chief Revenue Officer

What does Vivo say?

Vivo is also considering eliminating all plans with the zero rating strategy, but for that, the operator is still in a gradual process, offering less and less plans with this courtesy. Among Vivo’s offers, only WhatsApp is currently available in the vast majority of the operator’s prepaid and postpaid plans.

“We have some plans with zero rating, but it is not our standard. We have increasingly reduced the offer of applications with unlimited use to the market, because we understand that there is a need to remunerate the investment made in the network.”

Alex Salgado
Vice President of Business at Vivo

For now, Claro, TIM and Vivo are still considering ending the offer of unlimited apps, but nothing is certain. The only way is to wait and see what will happen.


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