Enhancing International Cooperation in Space Exploration: Revised UAE Space Law and Regulations

2023-11-19 05:43:54

Dubai: International cooperation in space exploration enhanced The UAE space law is being revised for the day. The revised version will come into effect in the first quarter of next year. National Space Agency Director General Salim Bhatti Salim Al Q Baisi said. Space Law in panel discussion at Dubai Airshow He revealed about his reformation. ‘Improved cooperation in the field of space research with the world countries A reformed legal framework is required. Regarding the UAE, it is a tough call. But, it is another opportunity’ – he clarified.

Revise the statutory framework of any institution in the State. Shortened time limit for challenge and review There is Instead of five years, it will now be three years. of This completes the framework of the new Outer Space Act. It is year. Al Qubaisi said that the government is giving permission for it. Young. In 2019, the UAE introduced its domestic space law for the first time. Th. Consisting of nine chapters and 54 articles, this law will come into effect in 2020. In childhood. This statute regulates the state’s space activities. has a big role. May from articles related to space agencies Separate articles relating to control of space That is the main change in the new law.

Adopt a more responsible approach in the sector A revised framework in the Act will help. Regulation of Licensed Establishments in the Space Sector, Par. He added that the new law includes ‘shodhana’. to

The Act, which came into effect in 2019, is an instrument for space exploration. Ownership of numbers, exploration of space by astronauts, To regulate the operation of pace tourism flights It is a hill. In addition, a fine of 10 million dirhams will be imposed for violations in this area. The law dictates. Five regulations in the revised Act began this year. Cabinet approval was given in More rules will be added in the first quarter of next year. He made it clear.

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