Enola, Louis, Anisha or Léa? The verdict is in, here is the big winner of the “Star Academy”!

A great adventure ended this Saturday evening on TF1. After six weeks of competition, they were only four to hope for the victory of the Star Academy : Enola, Louis, Lea and Anisha.

The evening opened, as usual, with the anthem of the season. However, a surprise awaited viewers during this final. For the der des ders, the teachers joined the students still in contention on stage to interpret Do not go without me the chapel.

Godfather of this season, Robbie Williams has finally made an appearance on the set of the Star Academy. And this with an amazing mullet cut. The style of the British star was not the only one to attract attention, however. On the judges’ bench, Yanis Marshall wanted to pay homage to Madonna by appearing with blonde hair and wearing a jacket with large shoulder pads and a top made up of conical cups.

The first part of the evening is marked by several performances. The tribute of the four finalists to Whitney Houston, the duo of Léa and Lara Fabian on I like youthat of Louis with Christophe Maé on Casting, that of Anisha with Soprano on Singing in the rain, that of Enola with Nolwenn on Brokenfirst single from the former winner of the Star Academy or the performance of the four finalists with Michel Polnareff on Letter to France.

Before starting the second part of the show, two of the four finalists are saved by the public to access the “super” final. They are Enola and Anisha. Louis and Léa are therefore eliminated.

The ultimate face-off

Enola chante If I was a man by Diana Tell. A performance that makes Laure Balon cry. “Enola, she kinda broke me to pieces”, declares the professor of scenic expression. “For me, you are a born artist”.

Anisha is the first to share a duet with Robbie Williams. Together they perform Supreme, one of the hits of the British singer. “She’s a lioness. She is shy but when she starts to sing, she looks like a lioness. She is incredible”, launches the star who then sang Angels in duet with Enola. At the end of this second duet, the teachers are moved.” You gained a fan but you already know it”, launches Yanis Marshall to Enola.

Anisha’s turn to sing solo Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. As a last performance, the two finalists sing together The Winner takes it allthe flagship title of the ABBA group.

Anisha wins Star Academy 2022 against Enola!

It is midnight and thirty minutes when Robbie Williams announces that Anisha wins the Star Academy with 57% of the vote against 43% for Enola. “To me, in my heart, they’re all winners”, launches the winner before adding: “This adventure changed my life and will change my life.

It’s amazing to be part of the birth of a star but there are still a lot of stars on this set“says Robbie Williams.

Big winner, Anisha can therefore interpret From up thereher first single written by Camélia Jordana, and closing this edition.

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