Entertainment with a Purpose: Claudia Preserves’ Dedication to Flood Relief

2023-06-27 05:28:36

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Claudia Preserves was sensitized by the floods that devastated our country. That is why the presenter decided to dedicate her program yesterday to this cause. Shortly before going on the air, she left a message on Instagram to invite her followers to see the space, where she would talk about it. “We’ll be waiting for you at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at ‘Claudia Conversa’. It is a chapter dedicated to the thousands of victims and isolated people in our country that is going through a catastrophe. Our contribution as a program will be a lot of entertainment and company. We are waiting for you, ”said the media, along with a photograph with some of her team members.

As expected, fans of Claudia Preserves They immediately left their comments on his post. Again there were divided opinions regarding the new format of the cheerleader. On the one hand, there were the followers faithful to the wife of Pollo Valdivia and, on the other, some Internet users who did not agree with his content at all, regardless of the subject he addressed yesterday.

Source: (Claudia Conserva’s Instagram).

“Bad imitation.”

“Bad imitation of ‘Milf’. Come back with those who started the program and they will do super. Claudia, ‘Milf’ is your thing”, alleged one of the detractors of Claudia Preserves.

Source: (Claudia Conserva’s Instagram).

“The 2 Claudia programs were too boring, I watched them for a while, for those who are going to tell me ‘change the channel’ I did that,” released another of the netizens.

Claudia Conserva’s fans never leave her

The fans of Claudia Preserves They defended her as hard as they could and not only praised her for her space on TV Más, but also defended her from harsh words.

Source: (Claudia Conserva’s Instagram).

“How good his sincerity, but how bad his bad vibes. The pleasure of pulling others down ”, released a user in response to the last criticism collected in this article.

With one of lime and the other of sand, the key figure of TV Más continues with his projects trying to make a contribution to society and returning to the life that he had to put aside for so long.

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