Entikong Immigration Provides Excellent Service During the Return of the 2024 Eid Al-Fitr Holiday – 2024-04-16 20:27:34

Immigration services at PLBN Entikong(MI/HO)

ON Monday (15/4), coinciding with the end of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, the TPI Entikong Class II Immigration Office continued to work carrying out immigration checks. It was recorded that from Friday (12/4) to Monday (15/4), as many as 3,927 Indonesian citizens (WNI) and 1,020 foreign nationals (WNA) departed abroad through the Immigration Checkpoint at PLBN Entikong.

Meanwhile, the return flow during the same time of arrivals from abroad was recorded at 7,811 Indonesian citizens and 277 foreigners who came to Indonesia via PLBN Entikong.

“The inspection service is carried out by immigration officers at the Immigration Checkpoint from the TPI Entikong Class II Immigration Office, which has alerted its officers to all immigration inspection lines, and added several officers who were supposed to be on Eid leave to assist with immigration inspections at overseas crossings during the Idul Fitri holiday. “This is Fitri,” said Head of the TPI Entikong Class II Immigration Office, Sam Fernando.
Apart from that, officers at the Entikong immigration checkpoint also gave priority checks to the elderly as well as mothers and toddlers who were seen in the immigration inspection queue.

This humanistic inspection is carried out so that foreign travelers in this category feel comfortable during immigration inspections and experience human rights friendly inspections.

Not only maximizing services in immigration inspections, the class II TPI Entikong immigration office also maximizes supervision in inspections. This is aimed at ensuring that Indonesian citizens wishing to leave Indonesian territory are of good quality and so that they do not become victims of criminal acts of human trafficking, as evidenced by the fact that several people have been refused to leave the country at the Entikong immigration checkpoint during the Idul Fitri holiday.

“In terms of integration and ease of crossing for foreign travelers, the TPI Entikong class II immigration office also maximizes synergy with relevant stakeholders, especially CIQS (Custom, Immigration, Quarantine/quarantine and Security, namely TNI-POLRI). This is done to create comfort, “security in checking foreign crossings, especially at the Entikong PLBN,” concluded Sam Fernando. (RO/Z-1)

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