Epic Games launches its limited accounts to protect the youngest, but there is a but

Epic Games launched its “Limited Accounts” this week. Behind the somewhat generic name of this novelty, a relevant function that should allow a wider adoption of parental controls.

Limited accounts are coming to the Epic Games Store // Source: Epic Games

Epic Games is making a gesture towards the youngest by launching its limited accounts this week. Thought to be temporary, these “ allow younger gamers to enjoy a personalized, safe and inclusive experience when using the store or launcher “, explains the firm in a brief statement shared on December 7.

The introduction of these limited accounts serves mainly to encourage the adoption of parental controls, while allowing (in the meantime) access to the games most suitable for young audiences, such as Fortnite, Fall Guyset Rocket League .

Encourage adoption of parental controls

As Epic Games specifies, the implementation of this system will be done through a single request asking players to specify their age when they next connect to the Epic Games Store, or when launching a game. installed from the platform. Depending on the age indicated, the account may then become limited.

In this case, you will need to enter the email address of a parent or guardian so that they take the time to configure parental controls. Once this step is over, the experience will adapt to the selected settings and the account will no longer be a limited account “says Epic.

An imperfect system but one that goes in the right direction

Although imperfect (if the solicited player lies about his age, everything probably falls apart), this limited account system is a step in the right direction…from a strongerin the case of Epic Games, since its licenseFortniteis immensely popular among teenagers, but also among children.

By deploying these limited accounts, the group hopes to save parents the disappointment of having to pay for items purchased in-game by their offspring, possibly without their knowledge. The idea is also and above all to protect the youngest and their possible personal information, but also to prevent them from being put in contact with foul language or personalized recommendations.

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