Epidemic in Taiwan: Local confirmed cases exceeded 100 for 15 consecutive days, citing calls for “closing the city”-BBC News

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Taiwan currently implements the third-level alert for the prevention and control of the epidemic, but there are voices demanding that the authorities use stricter measures to lock down communities.

It has been more than 14 days since the latest round of large-scale outbreak of new crown pneumonia in Taiwan. The island’s epidemic prevention index is still the “third level alert”, but the island has begun to discuss whether it should implement a more severe “fourth level alert” Allow the authorities to stipulate that people go out only when necessary, and block towns, cities, and counties where severe epidemics have occurred.

Since May 15th, Taiwan has recorded more than 100 local confirmed cases every day. The latest figures show that there were 493 newly confirmed cases (including 166 corrected regression cases) on Saturday (May 29).

According to the standards announced by the authorities earlier, if an average of more than 100 local confirmed cases per day in 14 days, and half of them cannot find the transmission chain, it meets the conditions for upgrading the indicator to the fourth level.

However, Taiwan’s Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong pointed out that about three-quarters of the confirmed cases are related to a known infected group, and emphasized that there is absolutely no need to upgrade the epidemic prevention indicators. A spokesperson for the center said that the third level of alert has been extended to June 14. Whether it will be upgraded to level four in the future will be studied later.

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