Éric Dupond-Moretti is called to order at the Assembly, he loses his words: “Oh my God but she broke him…”

The reason? After a more than tense debate on the bill which proposes heavy penalties in the event of squatting of housing, Valérie Rabault, who chaired the session, called to order the Keeper of the Seals who wanted to defend a former colleague: “There is an essential difference between Ms. Cayeux and Mr. Mélenchon who has been definitively sentenced by the courts“, he launched in the hemicycle. This first questioning earned him a first remark. Dissatisfied with this remonstrance, Éric Dupond-Moretti continued to discuss and the president of the session then explained to him: “I told Mr. Piquemal that he didn’t have to make personal inquiries… So I enforced the rules and it’s not up to you to do it, thank you“.

The Minister therefore kept silent and, not knowing what to say, his face began to express a certain “shock” at the situation. Internet users took the opportunity to deride this on Twitter: “Haha, Dupond-Moretti’s face. We wonder if what annoys him the most is that we hurt his ego, his feeling of all power and excessive hubris or if it’s because he is quietly getting his nose blown by a woman.“, “Oh my God but she broke it. He must be boiling so inside” or “In the jargon, it’s called a lampshade head“, could we read in particular on the social network.

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