The Muscat Stock Exchange index recorded the second best rise

Last month, the main index of the Muscat Stock Exchange resumed its rise after two months of decline, and closed at the end of last November’s trading at 4,613 points, up by 247 points, after declining by 162 points and 56 points in October and September.
According to ONA, the trading data issued by the Muscat Stock Exchange last month showed a good demand from investors to buy, which prompted stock prices to rise after their decline in the months of October and September. Its best rise during the current year, after rising 409 points, or 9.9 percent, last July.
Last November, the Muscat Stock Exchange recorded a positive performance in conjunction with the rise in local economic indicators, and the return of the Gulf and international stock exchanges to the rise. The financial sector index rose 500 points and closed at about 7490 points, up by 7.1 percent, and the industry sector index rose 143 points and closed at 6030 points. , registering an increase of 2.4 percent, the service sector index rose 21 points, and the Sharia index recorded an increase of about 4 points.
The market value of the securities listed on the Muscat Stock Exchange rose by the end of last month to RO 23 billion and 507.5 million, recording monthly gains of RO 623.7 million, benefiting from the new listings in the bond and sukuk market, in addition to the rise in stock prices on the stock exchange.
The trading value increased last month by 32 percent, to rise to 57.8 million Omani riyals, compared to 43.7 million Omani riyals in October and 44.7 million Omani riyals in September, and the number of executed deals rose to more than 9800 deals, compared to 7161 deals in October and 8606 deals in September. September.

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