“Erick Elera reveals shocking experience with ex-partner’s false pregnancy scam”

2023-05-29 02:44:35

Erick Elera surprised more than one by recounting the bitter experience he had with one of his ex-partners, who lied to him that she was pregnant and thus took advantage of him financially.

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The artist made this strong revelation in an interview for ‘Questions that burn’, Christopher Gianotti’s YouTube program. As he explained, the young woman initially lied to him about her age, which began to generate mistrust in him.

“What happened to Jimmy González’s character in Al Fondo Hay Sitio happened to me in real life. They lied to me, one of the skinny exes I was with told me she was pregnant, and she kept up the lie for a couple of months”, began by telling the Peruvian singer who today maintains a relationship with Allison Pastor.

The actor who gives life to Joel Gonzáles in ‘AFHS’ said that despite his young age he decided to assume his responsibility as a father, without imagining that it was all a vile lie on the part of his ex-partner.

First, he lied to me about his age, he was much younger than he had told me, but I was faithful to the punishment… We finished and he told me that I was pregnant, and I, all of Chibolo, said that I am going to assume paternity, but I told him that we were not going to return“, he pointed.

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Finally, a distant friend who was a well-known soccer player ended up revealing the harsh reality that the young woman was lying to him and that the false pregnancy was to take advantage of him financially.

“At that time we talked on Messenger, he showed me ultrasound scans, and he told me: ‘I need (money) for this, I need for the other. (When I found out) At that moment I told him about three little things and there he disappeared “he commented.


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