Esaad Younes “denies” her contract on the Burj Khalifa series

2023-07-20 06:55:00

Esaad Younes (archive)

Thursday, July 20, 2023 / 10:55 a.m

The Egyptian actress and media figure, Esaad Younis, denied her participation in the series “Burj Khalifa”, to settle the controversy surrounding the series’ championship, accompanied by her compatriots Sayed Ragab and Mohamed Mamdouh.

And the past hours witnessed the spread of news about the trio’s contract Esaad YounesSayed Ragab, and Muhammad Mamdouh, starring in the series “Burj Khalifa”, written by Mahmoud Shalaby, who has been writing it for nearly 3 years, and intends to show it through one of the digital platforms.

In a phone call to the “et in Arabic” program, Younes confirmed that she did not know about the matter, denying her participation altogether, and a source close to Sayed Ragab for the same program also denied his participation in this work.

Younis participated in the last Ramadan drama, in the series “The Complete Number”, consisting of 15 episodes, with Dina El-Sherbinyand Sherif Salama, achieving great success and winning a number of awards.

Younes is also preparing to start filming a new movie entitled “A Great Gang”, during the coming period, directed by Wael Ihsan, and Enaba and a large group of artists will participate in the tournament. The director, Ihsan, indicated that the film will be ready to be released in cinemas during the New Year’s Eve season He said that the filming would take two months.

In a separate context, Younes published a picture of her accompanied by the guests of her next episode of her famous program, “Her Excellency”, who are the stars of the song “Satlana”, Hamdi Bachchan, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Abdel Basset Hammouda and Hassan Al-Khalai.

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