Espanyol wins and finally enjoys a quiet afternoon

The first victory of the year arrived, already beginning the third month of life of 2022. The first and comfortable victory of Espanyol arrived, which prevailed over a downcast Getafe to restore calm first to Vincent Moreno, then to the team, then to the club and, of course, to the parakeet town, restless as it was due to that streak of defeats and draws. Two actions from set pieces certified the Blue and Whites’ victory, necessary and essential to attenuate those messages of nervousness that threatened him.

Everything changed with the fantastic header from Cabrera to rescue lost smiles in the Cornellà-El Prat stands, together with Cabaco’s own goal to seal a calm victory. And that the game did not start well Espanyol. The sunny afternoon in Cornellà-El Prat seemed to lull the group of Vincent Morenoalthough he reacted with a raid of Thomas Raul on the right flank of the attack to scare Getafe.

Two own goals, one valid

The own goal of Djene was invalidated because everything was born in an illegal position -he was offside- of the blue and white striker. At least, it was the first sign of parakeet self-esteem after an erratic start to 2022. He was plodding through the afternoon when vilhena served a corner kick with exquisite precision so that Leandro Cabrera sign an imposing header breaking the resistance of a surprised Diego Soriathat this action was not expected, born almost next to the penalty spot.

Cabrera’s header to make it 1-0 restored calm to the team. and to the stands

It was a great goal. For the center and, above all, for the height that the Uruguayan center-back acquired by cunningly pushing himself, while conquering space thanks to a subtle touch on Maksimovic, prior to that great header. There is no greater lesson in effectiveness. A shot on goal, a goal. And the hug that he received Vincent Moreno of his assistants to reward the work of the laboratory.

A goal that substantially changed the landscape of the game. Getafe, who had started the match firmly to the point that they thought they had everything under control, felt the blow. It hadn’t even been half an hour into the game and Espanyol was already winning comfortably enough, driven by fortune, although the previous play was also a set piece.

A throw-in that they later glossed over vilhena and Darder before Olivera He turned a clearance into an own goal because he hit the ball in Cabaco’s legs to Espanyol’s peace of mind. Suddenly, the afternoon became placid, relaxed and simple when it initially looked very bad because the perico team had not won a league game since the last day of 2021 when they defeated Valencia in Mestalla (1-2).

Who did not show symptoms of reaction was Getafe after Cabrera’s 1-0, even less so after Cabaco’s 2-0. He was, in fact, the second own goal of the Madrid team. The first, by Djené, was not valid due to Raúl de Tomas’ previous offside; the second, yes.

Espanyol played then with the calm of that wide advantage acquired in 10 minutes full of forcefulness showing that when the ball stops is when, perhaps, you have to be more attentive than ever. A corner and a throw-in were enough for the team Moreno to go to rest with that comfortable income, which left all the work done.

Getafe did not react

In the stands, thousands of parakeets savored, at last, 45 minutes so placid that they didn’t even need the traditional goal from Raúl de Tomás. Proof that everything was going great. Maximum solvency at Espanyol (a shot on goal and two goals) to subdue a shy and diffident Getafe, which seemed to have had a good start, although it faded immediately.

The game got muddy in a bad way in the second half causing up to 11 yellow cards to be seen

He wanted, yes, to get into the second half with a much more energetic start, but then he ran into the figure of Cabrera. Again, the Uruguayan central. He was decisive in the opponent’s area with his 1-0 and decisive in his own area with a couple of commendable defensive interventions. And Getafe, after game time, produced little, very little in attack.

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In the final stretch of the match in which the referee Vega Lamb He showed up to 11 yellow cards, everything got muddy because football was no longer flowing. Nor did Espanyol need it, clinging to the marker more than the ball. With that he had more than enough to take the first and soothing victory of 2022. In 10 minutes he finished off Getafe. That was enough for him.

The sheet of Espanyol-Getafe (2-0)

Spanish: Diego López (7), Óscar Gil (6), Calero (7), Cabrera (8), Pedrosa (6), Keidi Bare (6), Yangel Herrera (6), Darder (7), Vilhena (6), Puado (5) and Raúl de Tomas (5).

Coach: Vicente Moreno (7).

Changes: Nico Melamed (5) by Vilhena (d. 60); Aleix Vidal (sc) for Óscar Gil (m 81); Wu Lei (sc) by Puado (d. 90); Loren (sc) by Raúl de Tomás (d. 90); Fran Merida (sc) by Darder (d. 90)

Getafe: Soria (4), Djené (4), Mitrovic (4), Cabaco (4), Iglesias (5), Olivera (4), Maksimovic (5), Florentino (5), Óscar Rodríguez (4), Borja Mayoral (4 ) and Enes Ünal (4).

Coach: Quique Sanchez Flores (4)

Changes: Sandro (4) by Florentino (d. 69); Gonzalo Villar (sc) for Cabaco (d. 82); Jankto (sc) by Óscar Rodríguez (d. 82)

Goals: 1-0, Cabrera (m. 17); 2-0, Cabaco (m. 27)

Referee: Lamb Vega (5), Cantabrian.

Yellow cards: Mitrovic (m. 1); Enes Ünal (d. 32); Óscar Gil (m. 40); Vilhena (m. 42); Diego López (m. 43); Óscar Rodríguez (m. 56); Yangel Herrera (d. 56); Cabrera (m. 65); Darder (d. 72); Djené (d. 72); Cabaco (d. 78)

Stadium: RCDE Stadium.

Spectators: 18.519

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