Essam Karika by Iman Al-Hosary: ​​The first successful song by Hamada Helal was composed by me – Art

2023-07-03 03:33:48

The artist, Issam Karika, said that it was composed by the artists Amr Diab, Mohamed Mounir and Hani Shaker, the songs “Why is she working now?” And “I am my life, my eyes have not shed tears” and “My name is on paper”, next to “I Walk Behind Their Lies” by Diana Haddad, and “I blame you for what” by Muhammad Mohi, and “Think about me” by Mustafa Qamar, and “3 Minutes” by Bahaa Sultan, And “Between You and Me, a Step and a Half” by Hakim, and “The Sea of ​​Love” by Latifah.

Hamada Helal’s first successful song

Karika added, during an interview with the program “Evening DMC”, broadcast on the “DMC” channel, and presented by the media, Iman Al-Hosari, that the first successful song by Hamada Hilal was composed by him, which is the song “Al-Ayyam Ya Habibi”, continuing: “Praise be to God for this period.” Anyone who made a song, may God honor me with it.

He pointed out that he presents the character of speech in the songs, and after completing it, he sees this speech befitting one of the singers, so he communicates with them, continuing: “She is working, what is now a new form for Amr Diab, and the song I walk behind their lies is the first Egyptian song sung by Diana Haddad in her life and from Then it was necessary to say it in a certain way and make it rapture and dance, so after I finish the song, I will see who is worthy of it.

The song “And the life of a princess.. Lubna and Samira”

He pointed out that the song “Wahyat Amira.. Lubna and Samira” was going to be part of his album, but a few days before it was released, artist Mohamed Heneidy heard it, so he decided to get it and sing it in the movie “Ya Anna, My Aunt.” Indeed, he got it.

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