Essential Parenting Tools and Principles for Child Health and Development: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-09-29 20:08:38

Parenting is a set of essential aspects for healthdevelopment and care of children, influences your physical, emotional, spiritual, family and social state. As parents, caregivers, teachers and in general the personnel who can influence the well-being of the minor, it is necessary that you know the appropriate tools and the basic principles that intervene in the growth and happiness of the child.

As a first measure, we must emphasize not resorting to physical, verbal or emotional violence, both in the child and in the home environment.. It is also important to address love, through contact and quality time. As a third point, firmness or guiding authority cannot be left aside, but it must be differentiated from authoritarianism that attacks and hurts.

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In the same way, there are five guiding points that help in the release of hormones and neurotransmitters, important for the functioning of the body: a diet that is accompanied by fruits, vegetables and water, reducing sugar or processed foods; employ constant exercise that generates discipline, confidence and health benefits; Limiting the use of screens in children is essential, it produces isolation, delay in cognitive skills, behavioral problems and low empathy; and finally, provide caring and safe environments.

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