Estonia and other European countries want to limit tourist trips of Russians in September 2022 – 3 September 2022

Veiko Pesur, a spokesman for the Estonian Interior Ministry, said that European countries neighboring Russia are negotiating to limit tourist trips of Russians through their territories to other EU countries.

“There is a legal framework for this. We have two options for introducing restrictions: a state sanction, which is established by a government decree, or a restriction on crossing the state border, which requires a government order. Currently, the countries bordering the Russian Federation are cooperating to reach a joint solution, ”quotes “Kommersant” Pesur’s statement to Estonian radio.

According to him, if the states agree on a common approach, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will submit a proposal to the government.

Deputy head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Pavel Yablonsky also announced on September 3 that Poland, Finland and the Baltic countries are going to standardize the procedures for allowing Russians to cross the border.

EU countries this week failed to come to a common decision to ban the issuance of Schengen visas to Russian citizens. At the same time, the foreign ministers of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia made a joint statement about their intention to reduce the number of Russians entering Europe at the local level.

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