‘EU’ raises sanctions! Close airspace, ban Russian planes from entering

Ms Ursala von der Leyen, ChairmanEuropean Commission announced on Sunday (February 27) that European Union (EU) has announcedsanctionsmore withRussiafrom the case of aggressionUkraine is to “close the airspace” prohibit “all russian planes“Fly into or over the airspace of 27 EU member states.

The said order coversprivate jetof thoseRussian billionairetoo

in addition EUThere is also a restraining orderRussian official media broadcast in 27 member countries

“These media will not be able to spread their lies about President Putin’s war. and create divisions in our European Union.” Ms Von der Leyen said.

Mr. sideJoseph Borrell department headEU foreign policy said the measure was related to the ban.Russia Today (RT) andSputnik including these two media affiliates broadcasting in 27 EU countries

The latest measures came after earlier that same day Ms Von der Leyen announced the kit.sanctionsRussia includingRussia’s exclusion from the interbank messaging system (SWIFT) bans all transactions with the Russian Central Bank. and increase the restrictions on access to the assets of the Russian millionaires

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