Russian Private Military Group Leader Yevginy Prigoshin Killed in Plane Crash: Latest Updates

2023-08-23 17:27:27 Moscow – Yevginy Prigoshin, the head of Russia’s private military group Wagner Group, has reportedly been killed in a plane crash. It is reported that all ten people in the crashed plane were killed. Among the passengers was Prigosh. At the same time, the jet they were traveling in was shot down by … Read more

Ukrainian Flag Memorial: Honoring Fallen Soldiers in Kiev’s Independent Square during the Russia-Ukraine War

2023-07-28 22:41:24 In the city of Kiev, a lawn on Independent Square is dedicated to soldiers killed in battle. Family members and friends of the soldiers who come here place small replicas of the Ukrainian flag on the lawn with the name of the deceased. These flags tell us how enormous the number of people … Read more

Coping with the Ukraine Crisis: Air Raid Warnings, Bunkers, and Resilience against Russia-Ukraine Conflict

2023-07-27 22:39:20 The most familiar sound to the people of Ukraine now is the air raid warning. Sirens sound in Ukraine whenever a warplane takes off from Russia or a missile is fired from warships in the Black Sea. Metro stations will be open to all. FM radio stations give alerts during programs. However, people … Read more

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Intensifying Attacks on Ports and Grain Export Agreement Withdrawal

2023-07-18 22:50:00 Kiev ∙ Russia’s heavy attack on the ports of Ukraine. The attack intensified after Russia withdrew from the Black Sea Grain Export Agreement. A fuel storage facility in Odessa was also attacked. A fire broke out in the port of Mykolaiv. The Ukrainian Air Force claimed to have shot down 6 Russian missiles … Read more

Russia’s Heavy Missile Attack on Kiev and Lviv: A Detailed Account of the Devastating Offensive

2023-06-20 23:11:50 Kiev ∙ Russia has launched a heavy missile attack on military bases in the cities of Kiev and Lviv in Ukraine. Ukrainian forces claimed to have destroyed 32 of the Shahid missiles fired from Russia’s Bryansk region and the Sea of ​​Azov. The city of Livyu suffered significant damage due to its lack … Read more