Ukraine’s Military Leader Secretly Negotiates Peace: Breaking News and Analysis

2023-12-05 11:54:53 Zelenskiy coup? The Pulitzer Prize winner broke the news: The Ukrainian military leader secretly negotiated peace with the Russian army! free timesThere is a division in Ukraine! The commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army was revealed to have secretly negotiated peace with the Russian army. The U.S.-Ukrainian strategic differences caused the counterattack to fail. … Read more

Russian Siege of Avdievka: The Cost of 6,500 Lives for 1.7 Kilometers

2023-10-30 03:04:03 6,500 lives in exchange for 1.7 kilometers! The Russian 8th Brigade stormed Avdievka and faced the biggest setback since the war began | International Newtalk NewsThe Russian army launched a large-scale attack on Avdivka and wiped out nearly 10,000 enemies, reappearing on the meat-grinding battlefield|You Know Podcast#79|TVBS News @TVBSNEWS01 TVBS NEWSThe Avdiivka siege … Read more

Ukraine Orders Forced Evacuation of Children in Kherson due to Russian Attacks

2023-10-24 07:21:28 Abroad Because of Russian attacks Ukraine orders forced evacuation of children in Kherson As of: 09:21 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Dead in Russian airstrike on post office building in Kharkiv According to Ukrainian sources, at least six people were killed in a Russian rocket attack on a postal warehouse in the … Read more

The Crisis in Ukraine: 870 Soldiers Lost in a Single Day

2023-10-16 00:54:02 Ukraine suffers the loss of 870 soldiers in one day Ukraine suffers the loss of 870 soldiers in one day The losses of the Ukrainian forces during the last day in all sections of the front amounted to more than 870 servicemen, 42 armored vehicles… 10.16.2023, Sputnik World 2023-10-16T00:53+0000 2023-10-16T00:53+0000 2023-10-16T00:55+0000 defending … Read more

The Escalating Conflict on the Russian-Ukrainian Frontline: Updates and Analysis

2023-10-12 05:23:17 Israel and Palestine are at war again, and fighting has resumed in the Middle East. The United States’ attention has been distracted. However, the fierce confrontation on the Russian-Ukrainian frontline continues. Currently, 110,000 Russian troops have gathered on the Donbas frontline, and thousands of tanks are firing. The Ukrainian army’s frontline is in … Read more

Russian Storm Attacks near Avdiivka: Worsening Situation in Ukraine

2023-09-13 20:24:00 “Situation has worsened” Kiev reports Russian storm attacks near Avdiivka September 13, 2023, 10:24 p.m. Listen to article This audio version was artificially generated. More info | Send feedback While Kiev’s units are steadily advancing in the south of Ukraine, Moscow’s troops are trying to increase pressure in the east. Near the occupied … Read more