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He toured Patras on Monday the MEP of the KKE and re-candidate Kostas Papadakis, who was present in workplaces whereas additionally taking part in different social gathering occasions.


The MEP of the KKE gave an interview to Peloponnisos FM with reference to the European elections, speaking in regards to the state of affairs he has encountered within the European Parliament, the practices he has been requested to take care of and the abstention anticipated to dominate the voters.

– Mr. Papadakis, you come into contact with lots of people. Do you see curiosity within the European elections? Are you able to examine the curiosity in relation to the European elections of 2014 and 2019 while you have been elected MEP?

The difficulty of curiosity can also be associated to the talk effort which says that there are inner and exterior points. Some say that the world doesn’t concern itself with international affairs. We consider that the excellence is fake. The internals are additionally decided by the externals. For all that the world moans about precision, from fastened wages in essence, concern in regards to the imperialist wars in Ukraine and Gaza with the genocide of the Palestinian individuals by the occupying state of Israel, with all these developments that we see within the wider space with NATO allies. The causes of the principle sufferings stem from choices and directives of the European Union. He has large duties that we’ve reached this level, simply because the events that supported these choices have duties that life has reached this level.

The KKE was a celebration that had warned of this course. When large phrases have been heard “we are going to eat with golden spoons, Maastricht, euro, widespread market, large household, windless port”, all these turned out to make life dramatically worse. We and the opposite international locations are on a course of decay.

The KKE had uncovered them and warned and voted in opposition to them, when everybody else supported them, voted for them and hid them or embellished them in Greece.

The European Parliament just isn’t a holy temple of democracy. There are enterprise teams that ship staff. To cross an modification on whether or not a know-how will probably be inexperienced or black, lads are slaughtered. Earnings are judged in 27 markets and our bodies fall.

Do solely our bodies drop or do “packages” drop as properly?

And packages. The scandal with Qatar additionally confirmed suitcases, lists of how a lot an modification does, how a lot a tough decision does, how a lot a mushy decision does. That they had catalogs. We’re not saying that everybody will get them. Some additionally do it for ideological causes as it’s with the companies and profitability of the teams.
However these choices are made based mostly on the profitability of the businessmen and never the individuals who pay the results. Take a look at the restoration fund, 36 billion euros, 86% go to giant corporations!

-What function does the KKE declare? The place does it slot in all that’s described to us as being performed in Europe?

Some ask us extra aggressively: “Why does the KKE wish to be within the European Parliament when it disagrees with the EU?”. This query signifies that solely the KKE is in opposition to the EU. However we predict that one can now distinguish even within the Eurobarometer surveys, that 45% wish to disapprove of the EU with their vote. Solely 38% have a constructive opinion of the EU. The remainder really feel a scarcity of belief, concern, skepticism. This world has calls for to know the reality and never have blabbermouths and clappers. Solely the MEPs of the KKE, who haven’t any commitments with the EU, will expose unpopular payments and directives in order that the European directives don’t come to Greece and inform us within the Parliament that they have to be carried out.

-Can these correlations be reversed? Can the dependency be modified?

It isn’t precisely simply dependancy. It is usually co-configuration. The bourgeoisie of Greece has an curiosity and advantages. We are saying that the subsequent day there will probably be customary countermeasures and the assault will proceed. The federal government talks about stability, however continues extra decisively with the identical reforms. SYRIZA-PASOK and others say that they’ll deliver a progressive authorities, that’s, the one which introduced the Mitsotakis authorities astride the horse. Reheated soup. Velopoulos has voted for a memorandum and every thing within the European Parliament however is crying in regards to the penalties. Will a letter to Fort de Leyen change the lives of the individuals? No. With battle and mobilization, life will change. There solely the residing forces of the KKE will probably be the place the place will boil. When TikToks and selfies are gone, unionized forces will probably be wanted. A stronger KKE is required.

-What end result will you be proud of within the KKE?

We would like as excessive as doable. Let the KKE be the nice shock that can have weakened the federal government, “one of many relaxation” and could have left behind the far-right Kombogiannites who’re essential to be marginalized. Solely with a robust KKE will the individuals be extra ready to face them.


KKE MEP and re-candidate Kostas Papadakis toured Patras on Monday. He visited workplaces, whereas within the afternoon he spoke at an occasion with reference to medication within the new sq. in Agios Alexios.

Mr. Papadakis met and spoke with DEVAP employees, on the “OKTO” Steel manufacturing unit, on the VIANEX drug business, on the giant development website of the previous ABEX, but in addition on the buildings of DYPA (former OAED).

He additionally held a gathering with the regional department of Western Greece of the Affiliation of Social Employees of Greece.

In his interventions, Kostas Papadakis known as on the employees to utilize their beneficial expertise, to consider their very own curiosity for the wants they’ve right now, to strengthen the KKE, having their eyes on the subsequent day.

On the night occasion on medication, Mr. Papadakis spoke in opposition to the insurance policies carried out by the EU and Greece, stressing that “they’re merely making an attempt to handle use and dependence, a coverage that consciously perpetuates the phenomenon of drug dependence.”

The secretary of TE Achaia of KKE Kostas Mougogiannis additionally spoke on the occasion, calling on the individuals to not compromise with the “rot”, whereas in his intervention the mayor of Patreon Kostas Peletidis referred to the efforts and interventions of the municipal authority and requested that every one these accountable be punished on the issues confronted by youngsters and youth within the European elections.

Tonight, within the central sq. of Aigio, the pre-election gathering organized by the Achaia Sectoral Committee of the KKE will happen tonight at 7:30 p.m. Kostas Mougogiannis, Giorgos Bodiotis and KKE MEP candidates Dimos Koumpouris and Vana Patrinou will communicate.

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