“I discovered most issues on tv from Eleni Menegaki” – 2024-05-30 14:55:49

He discovered himself on the couch of “It would not get any higher”. Dimitris Hungarian at midday on Saturday, as a way to discuss the whole lot with Natalia Germanou and her TV staff at Alpha. In reality, amongst different issues, the presenter talked in regards to the relationship he maintains to at the present time along with his lover and in addition Eleni Menegaki.

Extra particularly, Dimitris Ungarezos identified that “at the moment I hold my thymus as a result of it is extremely helpful to me, to maintain me sincere and really near what I’m in my soul, however after 18 years I’ve discovered to take a breath my. And the way I react to following the logical path. Like placing my foot within the water just a little bit, I see it is freezing however I will put it in, I am not going to swim, I will keep on the seashore however I will go within the water for some time. In different phrases, I really feel that if I’m not in contact with my feelings, I may even lose contact with actuality. I’ll do not know what is basically taking place and what influence what I say and do has.

“In fact I’ve regretted issues and apologized. I all the time apologize to the place I made the error. So I stated it publicly? Publicly there from the identical step, as you had the heart to trouble an individual by saying one thing, you’ll apologize. I do not make the error on TV after which name or say it on the radio.”

«In fact, the most important colleges in tv are those I have been via, however I believe Eleni Menegaki I discovered most issues on tv” added Dimitris Ougarezos in his new TV interview on the Alpha program.

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