Evan Fournier wants to ‘stay and play’ at the Knicks

What future for Evan Fournier? This is a question that we ask ourselves a lot given the low playing time granted to Vavane with the Knicks for a few weeks. About a fortnight from the NBA Trade Deadline, the back finds himself in the rumors, but he does not wish to leave New York.

When Evan Fournier joined the Big Apple during the 2021 offseason, he saw things big. How could it be otherwise when you arrive in the city that never sleeps and are about to play in the Mecca of basketball in the legendary Knicks jersey?

But since then, it must be admitted that things have not really gone as planned.

If his first game at MSG with New York will be remembered (32 points in double overtime against the Celtics), if his first season resulted in a franchise record (most 3-pointers scored in a season), the overall assessment remains disappointing for Fournier. Not only did the Knicks fail to qualify for the Playoffs last year, but in addition Vavane squats today much more on the sidelines than on the floor. What to wonder if the rear blue-white-red still wants to continue the adventure in Big Apple.

“Best case scenario I want to stay here, I want to play here. I had a lot of opportunities at the Free Agency and I wanted to be a Knick. I love New York. I wanted to play for Tom Thibodeau. So I would love to stay, but I would also love to play.”

– Evan Fournier, via the New York Post

Vavane notably took advantage of the absence of Immanuel Quickley yesterday in Toronto to regain minutes (21 in all), a first since January 9. Fournier totals no less than 28 DNP (Did-Not-Play) this season and has his lowest game time since his rookie campaign in Denver: only 18.5 minutes per game, for stats of 6.8 points at 34.8% shooting. It stings, as much for Evan who knows very well that he is better than that, as for the Knicks who pay him $18 million a season.

“I’m in the best shape of my career. I should be in my prime. I’m in my prime. You want to play, of course. Especially as a competitor. It’s not like I forgot how to play basketball. Last year, I had a different role and managed to break a franchise record that stood for 30 years. So I will find a way to adapt to any situation.”

At 30 pins, Evan Fournier is at a pivotal moment in his career. Late twenties to early thirties are usually the best years for a player, when technique, physique, game intelligence and experience come together to form the best version of the basketball player in question. Unfortunately for the French back, he now spends most of his time encouraging his friends rather than showing off his qualities.

Despite all this, he is not seen anywhere else than in New York. Playing for the Knicks has always been a dream for him and Vavane does not want to give up on this experience (yet).

As frustrating as it is at the time of these lines…


Source texte : New York Post

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