Even a short workout of 12 minutes is extremely healthy

Good news for everyone who lacks stamina in sport: According to a US study, metabolites that are important for a long life in good health are already circulating in the blood after just 12 minutes of physical exertion.

You have to take your time for sport, otherwise it doesn’t help? This excuse no longer applies if a new study from the US is to be believed. Scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) want to have found out that even a short exercise lasting a few minutes is an effective lever to stimulate metabolic processes that support a healthy life in the long term.

This is how the study went

The researchers had a group of 411 middle-aged men and women (on average they were 53 years old, the proportion of women was around 60 percent) complete an intensive cardio training session lasting 12 minutes. The subjects were brought to their “peak load”, details are not given. At this point, as well as at rest, blood was drawn from the participants. Apart from the concentration of metabolic products, so-called metabolites. These circulate in the blood and control a number of biological processes.

Researchers focused on over 500 metabolites that are linked to long-term health outcomes: e.g. B. those that occur with insulin resistance or that indicate a risk of diabetes and inflammation in the body. In summary, one can say: metabolites whose low concentration favors a longer lifespan.

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The researchers found that out

It was found that the composition of the metabolites in the blood of the test persons changed to their health benefit when they started exerting themselves (starting from a state of rest). For example, the concentration of one of the key metabolites for heart disease, diabetes and reduced life expectancy decreased by 29 percent; another, which is associated with a higher risk of liver disease, by 18 percent. Obesity partially compensates for these positive changes: subjects with a high body mass index benefit according to theCirculation“Published study on the metabolic level less of the twelve-minute cardio exercise.

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“Interestingly, our study found that different metabolites are associated with different physiological responses to exercise,” says Matthews Nayor, MGH cardiologist, in the Press release quoted. These “unique signatures” in the bloodstream could possibly tell “whether a person is physically fit” – very similar to what is the case, for example, with kidney or liver values ​​in the blood.

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With this study, among other things, one slowly begins to better understand the molecular basis of the effects of movement on the body. The researchers hope to be able to use this knowledge – which is still to be deepened through further studies – to guide people with metabolic risk factors (obesity, especially in the abdomen, increased blood sugar and high blood pressure) “on a healthier path” – namely before Vascular problems, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases arise.


Whether twelve minutes of training for a healthier metabolite composition in the blood or just under an hour of jogging per week, that has been shown to reduce the risk of death: In the meantime, a growing number of studies show the positive effects on health just a little exercise. By the way, you are never too old for this either: your body will feel the benefits! More mature sport beginners: Inside, however, you should pay attention to a few things. Read more about this in the corresponding FITBOOK article.

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