Every month, my sister-in-law also gets 500,000 money for petrol from her mother-in-law, I told her she was happy, but after her complaint, I was harsh with her right away.

I said all my words, but my mother did not understand, she blamed me on the contrary, when I heard my sister-in-law instigated and defended outsiders.

As a sister, I built a family before my brother. It was not until my daughter was 5 years old that he agreed to get married. Hien – my sister-in-law is from the next village, gentle, quiet, hard working. I don’t think a grumpy, dry person like my brother can ask to marry her. But the two brothers and sisters love each other very much, go everywhere together. Since getting married, my brother has been different. He is always smiling, happy, always only knowing his wife.

Siblings live with their parents. My mother stays at home to grow crops and takes care of the family’s food and water, and my father still works as a carpenter. She has a daughter-in-law, but her mother still takes care of all the food, so Hien works overtime every day at 7pm, so she can’t take care of the food and water. You do not have children, life is still comfortable and light.

Every time I go to my grandmother to play, I always see my mother washing and cleaning the room for my brothers and sisters. I told my mother to let her husband and wife take care of themselves, but she dismissed it as saying that if you work all week, it’s okay if she’s free to work for her. With a mother-in-law like my mother, what daughter-in-law would not like to live with. Not to mention, every month, her mother gives Hien 500,000 money for gas, she accepts it without hesitation.

Seeing that my sister-in-law did not know how to love her mother, the couple went to work with a surplus monthly salary and still received money from their mother, I was both annoyed and somewhat jealous of her. I talked to her privately and told her that she was happy, but my mother-in-law had nothing. However, she sighed, her face was not happy. I don’t understand why she has such an attitude, what else would she want to be pampered like that by her mother? Annoyed by her, I said harsh words, but she turned back and said everything:

“My mother’s monthly salary keeps all. Every month, my mother gives me 500,000 money for petrol and car. I told her how to spend 500,000, then she got the reputation of taking money from her mother-in-law”. I was speechless at what she said, why is there such a thing and she will give money to her mother to keep? She confided that when she got married, her mother talked about “holding money for” her brother and sister so that later they could have money to build a house, raise children to eat and go to school. My mother was afraid that my brothers and sisters would waste money, my brother agreed with that idea, so she couldn’t do anything else.

Annoyed by her sister, I sought out my mother to find out everything. Mom admits that she only keeps the money for her, but doesn’t spend it. But her mother’s way of doing that made her daughter-in-law feel more suffocated, uncomfortable, and pressured. You have a small family, they will know how to take care of their lives. The money I make, spend, do anything, I have to raise my hand to ask my husband’s parents like that. There is a gentle sister who listens to me, but I never agree.

I advise your mother to give you back the money you kept, let you live on your own and take care of your own lives. Only then will everyone be comfortable with each other. And the way you do it only threatens the happiness of the children. I said all my words, but my mother did not understand, she blamed me on the contrary, when I heard my sister-in-law instigated and defended outsiders. I don’t know how anymore. I just want everyone’s life to be easier, why is it so hard? How can I convince my mother?

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According to VietNamNet

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