EVN statement on the criticism of the VKI

Maria Enzersdorf (OTS) EVN comments on the criticism of the VKI, which was expressed in numerous media about the new tariff structure of EVN for Optima Classic contracts:

“There is no statutory ‘supply mandate’ claimed by the VKI and can therefore not be used to assess the notice of change,” says EVN spokesman Stefan Zach. “We would be happy to invite E-Control and the VKI to an interview in order to establish a legally and economically sound approach. Otherwise, EVN KG will not be able to avoid the change notice.”

EVN Energievertrieb GmbH & Co KG (EVN KG), a company of Energie Allianz Austria, would like to avoid a sharp increase in some tariffs as of April 1, 2023 due to the index adjustment provided for in the delivery conditions – for an average household we are talking about electricity of around 80% (additional costs: approx. 80 euros / month) and gas of around 60% (additional costs: approx. 115 euros / month).

An automatic tariff change in existing contracts has been attacked by the VKI for legal reasons in the past, which is why customers have to conclude the new contracts.

In intensive discussions with lawyers and experts, the company has therefore developed a tariff model that leaves the costs for customers largely unchanged, guarantees a fixed price for 12 months and creates legal certainty for both contractual partners. Appropriate amounts of energy were purchased for the new offer and secured for these customers at the best possible price from today’s perspective. This rules out the uncertainties on the energy markets for the next 12 months and guarantees security of supply.

“We see the new “Optima Garant Natur 12” tariff as the best solution for our customers. In the next 8 weeks we will come to every municipality in Lower Austria and provide personal advice on site,” says Herwig Hauenschild, Managing Director of Energie Allianz Austria.

The EVN Group has stood for security of supply for over 100 years and fulfills all legal obligations in this regard. The past year also shows this – thousands of customers who had been terminated by their previous supplier switched to EVN KG.

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