Exathlon All Stars: they announce that an eliminated athlete could return to the competition

Antonio Rosique announced this Monday that it is possible for an eliminated red or blue athlete to return to Exatlón All Stars.

A new week has started Exatlón All Stars. After the departure of Heber Gallegosthe athletes will compete once more in the circuits to increase their effectiveness and ensure their permanence in the reality show, but they must prepare because they might soon meet once more with a competitor who will return to the competition.

Will an eliminated athlete return?

This Monday, February 28, Antonio Rosique surprised the competitors with new news: a red or blue element is likely to return to the competition which was recently removed.

Some thought it was good news, but others expressed their discontent because the competition should be fair for everyone and in the event that someone eliminated entered, they believe that the possibility should be considered that just come back as wildcard to prevent the team that loses this week from being left without an item.

The production of Exatlón México changes the rules

In previous programs, Antonio Rosique mentioned that in no way might a participant who has been eliminated be replaced, however, according to spoilers from the YouTube channel, Cosmic Wizardsoon some of the eliminated might return.

Who won the Colossal Battle this March 1?

The spoilers point out that the blue team would be the one who would take the Colossal Battle and including the Medal that’s it March 1stWell, they have not lost as many members as has happened to the red team, however, this has not yet been officially confirmed.

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