Exciting and shocking details: Hussein Fahmy breaks his silence and reveals the artist who smelled the most bad… and what is his real name!

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Artist Hussein Fahmy spoke during a previous meeting with Abla Fahita about his artistic career and his relationships, as he narrated some situations, the way he went through his life, and revealed his real name, Muhammad Hussein, refusing to reveal his real age.

He explained that he joined the Faculty of Law at the beginning of his life, in implementation of his family’s desire to become a judge like the rest of the family, and he continued for two years, but he could not love her, so he left her and joined the Film Institute to start his artistic life.

Fahita asked him about the artist who smelled the most bad, and he was silent for a while, then he apologized and said that he could not answer this question.

He also revealed that he does not like watching his films because he is very critical of himself, and about his relationship with his grandchildren, he made it clear that he does not recognize the idea of ​​children and grandchildren and that he prefers to address him to his grandchildren and children by his name directly.

And about his strangest statements, they were related to a situation he was exposed to in one of the countries, when he found a woman hiding for him under his bed in the hotel where he was staying.

It was then discovered that she was in agreement with the hotel’s cleaning staff to facilitate the entry process, and he also revealed that he was often subjected to harassment by women, the most famous of whom was the international artist Sophia Loren, who opposed him.

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