Exclusive: Soccer Star Cristian Benavente Spotted on Romantic Date with Model Alexandra Méndez

2023-08-22 04:27:45

The soccer player Cristian Benavente was “protected” by the cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” enjoying a romantic dinner with none other than Alexandra Méndez, better known as “La Chama”.

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The entertainment program broadcast this Monday images of the Alianza Lima footballer ‘sharing an evening with the Venezuelan model on the night of Saturday 19 at the Country Club Lima Hotel.

In the video, “Chaval” and “La Chama” seem to be quite confident since at one point the player rips off the influencer’s cell phone.

After enjoying their dinner, both were caught entering the building where the soccer player lives located in San Isidro. After two hours of staying in the place, Cristian Benavente left in his vehicle and left the model at his home.

(Photo: ATVs)


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