Renzo Spraggon’s Journey to Success: From Erotic Dancer to Entrepreneur and Supportive Son

2023-09-07 04:20:54 Renzo Spraggon has gained notoriety in recent weeks for his participation in ‘La casa de Magaly’. However, he says that ever since he came to Peru eight years ago, he has ‘cracked’ working to achieve his goals. Thus, according to the magpie program, the Argentine bought a 500-square-meter house, with a large garden … Read more

Mayra Goñi and Ricardo Mendoza’s Controversial Affair Exposed: Check Out the Shocking Footage on Magaly TV

2023-09-06 04:32:31 Despite the fact that Mayra Goñi denied having an affair with Ricardo Mendoza, the actress and the host of “Hablando Huevadas” were caught in compromising situations by the program “Magaly TV: La Firme”. LOOK: Greissy Ortega says that she will no longer return to Peru despite asking for help to get tickets In … Read more

Ángelo Campos, Alianza Lima Goalkeeper, Arrested for Assault: Latest News

2023-08-26 04:15:35 Ángelo Campos, starting goalkeeper for Alianza Lima, was arrested by the National Police (PNP) this Friday after being denounced for assaulting the mother of his son inside her apartment in Surco. As reported by the program “Magaly TV La Firme”, the goalkeeper’s partner, Yharif Figueroa, stated that it is not the first time … Read more

Alfredo Benavides: Exposing the Truth About His Parenting Controversy with Eyal Berkover

2023-08-24 15:50:40 Saida Cuña, mother of the last son of Alfredo Benavides, broke her silence for the cameras of Magaly Tv La Firme after the controversy that arose when the ex-reality boy Eyal Berkover dispatched against the popular “Niño Alfredito” and accused him of not being good father. TROME – Mother of Benavides’ son denies … Read more

Mixed Reactions: Andrés Hurtado’s Controversial Treatment of La Uchulú in La Casa de Magaly

2023-08-22 23:48:45 In La Casa de Magaly, Andrés Hurtado had a questionable attitude towards the uchuluAnd till Carlos Cacho she said he treated her “like a chacha”. Etza Wong, better known as La Uchulú, lived an uncomfortable moment with Andrés Hurtado. Nothing to applaud. La Uchulú is one of the members of La Casa de … Read more

Exclusive: Soccer Star Cristian Benavente Spotted on Romantic Date with Model Alexandra Méndez

2023-08-22 04:27:45 The soccer player Cristian Benavente was “protected” by the cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” enjoying a romantic dinner with none other than Alexandra Méndez, better known as “La Chama”. LOOK: Marisol sinks a woman who called her a “lover” and shows audio where George Núñez denies her The entertainment program broadcast this … Read more