Mayra Goñi and Ricardo Mendoza’s Controversial Affair Exposed: Check Out the Shocking Footage on Magaly TV

2023-09-06 04:32:31 Despite the fact that Mayra Goñi denied having an affair with Ricardo Mendoza, the actress and the host of “Hablando Huevadas” were caught in compromising situations by the program “Magaly TV: La Firme”. LOOK: Greissy Ortega says that she will no longer return to Peru despite asking for help to get tickets In … Read more

Ricardo Mendoza and Mayra Goñi: The Truth Behind Their Rumored Relationship Revealed

2023-08-30 08:00:00 Ricardo Mendoza and Mayra Goñi have been shown together on social networks. They even went on a trip to Chiclayo fanning rumors that there would be more than just a friendship between the two. In this regard, Magaly Medina sent advice to the comedian. “I don’t wish you the company of Mayra Goñi,” … Read more

Comedian Ricardo Mendoza Denies Relationship with Rosalía Franco – Shocking Revelation!

2023-07-15 14:26:04 Tremendous joke. Rosalía Franco declared happy a few weeks ago that she was in a relationship with the member of “Hablando Huevadas”, Ricardo Mendoza. However, he denied the Venezuelan. Trome | Magaly Medina makes fun of Ricardo Mendoza’s Venezuelan After the comedian recently insinuated that he had established a connection with the Venezuelan … Read more

Ricardo Mendoza’s New Official Girlfriend Revealed: Meet Rosalía Franco

2023-07-05 03:29:57 Five months have passed since Ricardo Mendoza was supported by a Venezuelan with prominent curves and now that the comedian is no longer with his official girlfriend, the foreigner Rosalía Franco decided to confess that they have already made it official. LOOK: Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna release a new song and support … Read more

Asu mare friends complete Peruvian film, review: 2 hours of grief, without grace or talent | Asu Sea 4 | Carlos Alcantara | Films

“Asu mare: los amigos” has been released in theaters and seems to be the last film related to the Carlos Alcántara saga. Photo: composition LR/Tondero Carlos Alcántara has premiered “Asu mare: the friends”, the last drop of a saga so squeezed that, in an attempt to offer the public a breath of fresh air, it … Read more

Hablando Huevadas would charge half a million soles a month on YouTube, according to the web portal Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna VIDEO entertainment | SHOWS

They are in the highest moment of their careers. Despite the criticisms about his humor, there is no doubt that ‘Talking Shit’ is one of the most successful YouTube channels in Peru and the rest of Latin America. MIRA: Natalia Salas is willing for ‘Andrea’ to reappear on ‘AFHS’: “You can count on me” Ricardo … Read more

Merly Morello would have stopped working with Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza: “My morals will not change” talking nonsense Farándula | SHOWS

if you know that Merly Morello was focused on being part of ‘Chapa tu Money’, a digital program produced by Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza. However, the interpreter would be the first to leave, since she does not prefer to talk about the work she does with the pair of comedians. READ ALSO: Martín Farfán … Read more

Ricardo Mendoza refers to the criticism against him: “I’m like ‘Habacilar’, canceled” | entertainment | rmmn | SHOWS

Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna They performed a private and free show after the controversy generated by the actor, who was recently criticized for a “joke” he made about the sexual assault suffered by a girl. WATCH THIS: Ricardo Mendoza: Who is the driver of “Hablando Huevadas” criticized for “joking” with a sexual assault? In … Read more