Mayra Goñi and Ricardo Mendoza’s Controversial Affair Exposed: Check Out the Shocking Footage on Magaly TV

2023-09-06 04:32:31 Despite the fact that Mayra Goñi denied having an affair with Ricardo Mendoza, the actress and the host of “Hablando Huevadas” were caught in compromising situations by the program “Magaly TV: La Firme”. LOOK: Greissy Ortega says that she will no longer return to Peru despite asking for help to get tickets In … Read more

Comedian Ricardo Mendoza Denies Relationship with Rosalía Franco – Shocking Revelation!

2023-07-15 14:26:04 Tremendous joke. Rosalía Franco declared happy a few weeks ago that she was in a relationship with the member of “Hablando Huevadas”, Ricardo Mendoza. However, he denied the Venezuelan. Trome | Magaly Medina makes fun of Ricardo Mendoza’s Venezuelan After the comedian recently insinuated that he had established a connection with the Venezuelan … Read more

Hablando Huevadas would charge half a million soles a month on YouTube, according to the web portal Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna VIDEO entertainment | SHOWS

They are in the highest moment of their careers. Despite the criticisms about his humor, there is no doubt that ‘Talking Shit’ is one of the most successful YouTube channels in Peru and the rest of Latin America. MIRA: Natalia Salas is willing for ‘Andrea’ to reappear on ‘AFHS’: “You can count on me” Ricardo … Read more

Speaking Huevadas: Jorge Luna explodes against the media for publishing his wife’s profile: “I see only one finger of my children and I am going to take care of it personally” | entertainment | SHOWS

George Moonone of the hosts of the popular YouTube show, ‘Speaking Eggs‘, used a few minutes of his program last Sunday to show his outrage at a report by a local digital media about his wife and mother of his two children. MIRA: Silvia Cornejo and Jean Paul Gabuteau build a mansion of more than … Read more

Players of the Peruvian volleyball team will receive S / 20,000 per month from “Speaking lame” | Peruvian Volleyball Federation | Carla Ortiz | Sports

The Peruvian volleyball team will receive a donation of 20,000 soles per month until the end of the year from Ricardo Mendoza y George Moonconductors of the popular program “Talking shit”. This as a way of supporting the players, who went to the comedians to request help in the face of the bad moment that … Read more

Ricardo Mendoza refers to the criticism against him: “I’m like ‘Habacilar’, canceled” | entertainment | rmmn | SHOWS

Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna They performed a private and free show after the controversy generated by the actor, who was recently criticized for a “joke” he made about the sexual assault suffered by a girl. WATCH THIS: Ricardo Mendoza: Who is the driver of “Hablando Huevadas” criticized for “joking” with a sexual assault? In … Read more

Speaking Huevadas VIDEO Ricardo Mendoza is afraid of censorship and apologizes again: “Laughing at something is not promoting” Farándula Youtube | SHOWS

The comedian Ricardo Mendoza, from ‘Hablando Huevadas’, assured that they have been difficult days for him and that he regrets everything that happened after the “joke” he made about a minor victim of sexual assault on a public transport bus. READ ALSO: Ricardo Mendoza from ‘Hablando Huevad…’ on Magaly’s criticism: “She spoke cool. She spoke … Read more

Speaking Huevadas: Gigi Miter Cathy Sáenz: “She is the producer, now nonsense makes more sense” | entertainment | SHOWS

WAVE OF QUESTIONS. Ricardo Mendoza from ‘Speaking lame’ has become the target of criticism for a ‘joke’ about the sexual abuse committed against a minor on a public transport bus. In the midst of the controversy, new “jokes” come to light and raise indignation. LOOK: Ricardo Mendoza and Norka Gaspar apologize for a joke about … Read more