Ángelo Campos, Alianza Lima Goalkeeper, Arrested for Assault: Latest News

2023-08-26 04:15:35

Ángelo Campos, starting goalkeeper for Alianza Lima, was arrested by the National Police (PNP) this Friday after being denounced for assaulting the mother of his son inside her apartment in Surco.

As reported by the program “Magaly TV La Firme”, the goalkeeper’s partner, Yharif Figueroa, stated that it is not the first time that the athlete has attacked her.

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After discovering an alleged infidelity, the woman recounted that “Ángelo Campos hugged her without letting her breathe, pulled her hair, tore her clothes and tried to wet her in the shower.”

“It is there, where the complainant tells him to let go and stop doing that. The defendant takes the cell phone from the complainant, and the complainant tells him to leave the room. The defendant leaves the room and the complainant closes the door, so that the accused cannot enter, ”she details.

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“The defendant had damaged the plate with so much struggle, he told the defendant to call the locksmith and if he didn’t call the complainant, he was going to scream from the balcony,” adds the victim in the police complaint.

The entertainment program indicated that the Chacarilla Police appeared at the apartment of Ángelo Campos and arrested him. He was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) to pass the corresponding exams.

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The events occur hours before the match that Alianza Lima will play against Alianza Atlético de Sullana at the Matute stadium, this Saturday the 26th for the Closing Tournament.

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