Peruvian National Team: Analysis, Latest News on Coach Chosen, and League 1 Changes

2023-12-03 18:56:22 ANALYSIS: The reasons for a 35th place in the FIFA ranking, a free fall that we have not experienced since before the Gareca era After playing the first third of the Qualifiers (six dates out of eighteen), the Bicolor is at the bottom of the standings with two points obtained thanks to the … Read more

Sporting Cristal 2024 Project: Renato Solís’ Renewal and Squad Moves

2023-11-30 01:24:25 Once Liga 1 Betsson is over, Sporting Cristal is working on what will be its 2024 project, where it will take on great challenges such as the national championship and the Copa Libertadores. However, the celestial board is aware that before making signings they must secure their figures, with the aim of maintaining … Read more

Reconstructing Alianza Lima: The Qualities of the Coach Replacing Reynoso

2023-11-29 12:59:00 ANALYSIS: These are the qualities that the coach who replaces Reynoso will have “The club decided to divide the functions since Alianza Lima needs specific attention in professional football,” were the first statements of Bonillo, who was the right arm of Ricardo Gareca in the successful cycle in charge of the Peruvian team … Read more

Does Ricardo Gareca Have What it Takes to Lead Alianza Lima in the Next Season? Find Out Here!

2023-11-14 01:58:42 The former coach of the Peruvian National Team, who has not been directing since the middle of the year after his discreet time on the Vélez Sarsfield bench, has entered the orbit of the Victorian institution. The question immediately arises: Does Ricardo Gareca have the profile of technical director that Alianza Lima needs … Read more

Piero Quispe: Rising Soccer Star and Future Peruvian Team Player

2023-11-11 23:50:00 READ: Alianza Lima: Why won’t José Sabogal continue as administrator of the blue and white club? Piero is no longer a promise, but he is the hope of the cream team: he may possibly be the next player sold abroad. He should be. He has 34 games and four goals this year, although … Read more

League 1 2024: Transfers, Rumors, and Upcoming Season Details

2023-11-10 22:28:26 The 2023 League 1 season gave us emotions, high-quality goals, young appearances and a new champion: Universitario de Deportes. And, although this football year in Peru has already ended, the transfer season has begun, a stage that also generates great expectations among fans of the various teams that will make up the local … Read more