Alianza Lima: New Signings and Transfer Values for Adrián Arregui and Juan Pablo Freytes

2023-12-15 20:02:11

Alianza Lima aims to win the national title and have a good campaign in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. For this reason, the board of directors of the intimate team makes every effort to bring the best ‘jales’ to be protagonists under the command of the Colombian coach, Alejandro Restrepo.

One of them is the Argentine Adrián Arregui, who arrived in our country last night and today will undergo the respective medical examinations. After that, he will sign his contract for two seasons.

Adrian Arregui, 31 years old, can play as a center or interior. He arrives as a free player. It was an express request from DT Restrepo.

The other Argentine, with whom an agreement has already been reached, is defender Juan Pablo Freytes. He can also play left back. He is multifunctional as Alejandro Restrepo likes him.

If everything goes well, his arrival in Peru could take place this weekend. This way, alliance It would have 3 foreigners of the 6 that League 1 allows

How much is Adrián Arregui worth?

According to the Transfermarkt website, Adrian Arregui It is currently listed at around 600,000 euros. However, the portal also points out that the player was worth approximately 900,000 when he played in Colombia.

What is the value of Juan Pablo Freytes?

According to the portal Transfer marketthe value of the gaúcho defender is 500 thousand euros in the transfer market, after the last update.

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