Exclusive Interview with Paolo Guerrero on the Future of Peruvian Soccer

2023-12-19 23:23:42 The interview took place following the game, while the fans were celebrating, and also the players’ families were waiting for them at the exit. After passing through the mixed zone access, I was able to reach the League locker room. Paolo was the last to leave and he was kind enough to take … Read more

Jorge Fossati: Peru’s New Coach and the Quest for World Cup Qualification

2023-12-17 14:37:00 12/17/2023 09H37 18 years ago, Jorge Fossati apologized to his country, Uruguay, for “being the first person responsible” for losing the playoffs to Australia for the 2006 World Cup. Today, Peru places itself in his hands, in his vast experience. And the professor, at 71 years old, takes on the challenge – “bigger … Read more

The Return of ‘Canchita’ to Peruvian Football: Latest Transfer News 2024

2023-12-15 04:17:51 ‘Canchita’ might leave the second division of Saudi Arabia and return to League 1 to play for one of the greats of Peruvian football. Join the La República WhatsApp channel Alianza Lima, Universitario de Deportes and Sporting Cristal made consultations for Christopher Gonzales and the possibility that it will be his signing for … Read more

Jorge Fossati to Join Universitario Preseason on December 18, Says Club Administrator Jean Ferrari

2023-12-12 17:18:41 Jean Ferrari, administrator of Universitario, pointed out that they hope that Jorge Fossati will join the cream year’s preseason this December 18. “Professor Fossati has a contract and we expect him on the 18th for the preseason. I cannot venture to say what he may decide. We cannot go out and talk regarding … Read more

2026 South American Qualifiers: FIFA Sanctions Peru, Argentina, and Brazil | Chilean Media Reports Possible Point Deductions

2023-12-12 02:54:50 Peru, Argentina and Brazil might be sanctioned by FIFA with a subtraction of points in the 2026 Qualifiers, according to information from the media “Redgol de Chile”. Chilean media highlights possible subtraction of points from Peru. | Libero composition The table of South American Qualifiers 2026 might have a significant variation if the … Read more

Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) Negotiating with Jorge Fossati for National Team Coach Position

2023-12-06 14:15:48 Although Videna tried to deal with the issue calmly, they knew that there was not much time to waste. While the negotiations for the dismissal of Juan Reynoso last, the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) decided to take the next step to finalize the arrival of who would be the new coach of the … Read more

Juan Reynoso Contract Termination: Lawyer’s Interview with Latina Noticias

2023-12-05 19:28:13 15:54 In the midst of the conversations regarding the termination of Juan Reynoso’s contract, his lawyer Mathias Fariña, in an interview with Latina Noticias, indicated: “For our part we have not reached an agreement yet, if they want to take a step they are within their rights. It has been said that we … Read more

The Future of Juan Reynoso as Head Coach of Universitario: Truth, Rumors, and Speculation

2023-11-21 00:06:20 READ MORE | “I see Piero Quispe happy to be at Universitario and in no hurry to leave” | INTERVIEW That’s true? DT is in a position to affirm that the coach’s continuity is neither guaranteed nor canceled, hours before the match with Venezuela. “It is not a decision that will be made … Read more