Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) Negotiating with Jorge Fossati for National Team Coach Position

2023-12-06 14:15:48

Although Videna tried to deal with the issue calmly, they knew that there was not much time to waste. While the negotiations for the dismissal of Juan Reynoso last, the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) decided to take the next step to finalize the arrival of who would be the new coach of the Bicolor and yesterday there was contact between Juan Carlos Oblitas, general director of football, and Jorge Fossati, for now head of the technical command of Universitario.

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On Monday night, Oblitas traveled abroad and although he said he was heading to the United States for personal reasons, his real destination was Uruguay, the city of Montevideo, to get closer to Fossati.

Deporte Total was able to know that there was contact for Oblitas to present the project they have planned in La Videna and a significant improvement for his income compared to what he receives in Universitario, and to hear what the Uruguayan hopes to find in order to be able to make a good job. All of this has been handled under total secrecy because in Lima there is still a technician linked to the Bicolor.

Today could be the key day, since Fossati’s formal response to the FPF proposal is expected, but this would not be made public while the exit negotiation with Reynoso remains open.

The U awaits communication

In Ate

In the event that Fossati assumes command of the national team, Universitario must put the replacement plan into action. The creams wait for the coach to communicate the final decision to start looking for other names. They had set a deadline until the end of the week, but today they can have that communication.

“We talk with Professor Fossati very often. “Do not speculate, wait for official information,” administrator Jean Ferrari published yesterday. At Ate they know that everything indicates that their champion coach is changing course.

Fossati has already highlighted how important it means for him to be an option to take over in the Bicolor. “That a team wants to wear you is always a source of pride, an honor,” he said two days ago in statements to the Uruguayan press.

The Uruguayan has experience in the field of national teams, directing his country’s team (2004-2005), with which he played in the World Cup playoffs, and the Qatar team between 2007 and 2009.

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