Alfredo Benavides: Exposing the Truth About His Parenting Controversy with Eyal Berkover

2023-08-24 15:50:40

Saida Cuña, mother of the last son of Alfredo Benavides, broke her silence for the cameras of Magaly Tv La Firme after the controversy that arose when the ex-reality boy Eyal Berkover dispatched against the popular “Niño Alfredito” and accused him of not being good father.

TROME – Mother of Benavides’ son denies Eyal and announces legal action: “He is a correct person, he does comply with his son”

It all started when the Israeli used his Instagram stories to share a message from one of his followers, who accused JB’s brother of not complying with his underage son.

“I know that boy, he is a friend of mine and I can assure you (since I have seen those conversations myself) that Alfredo does not give his son a single sun and that he is a lousy father,” was the message shared by Eyal Berkover.


Saida Cuña denied these statements and even announced legal action against the former reality boy. “I think they are talking too much nonsense, I can have a thousand things with Alfredo, a thousand topics, but they are talking about more, because Alfredo is a correct person, he does comply with his son,” she commented indignantly.


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