Renzo Spraggon’s Journey to Success: From Erotic Dancer to Entrepreneur and Supportive Son

2023-09-07 04:20:54

Renzo Spraggon has gained notoriety in recent weeks for his participation in ‘La casa de Magaly’. However, he says that ever since he came to Peru eight years ago, he has ‘cracked’ working to achieve his goals.

Thus, according to the magpie program, the Argentine bought a 500-square-meter house, with a large garden and swimming pool, in his native Rosario, in addition to having set up his own gym, all the result of his erotic dances at bachelorette parties. and discos.

In addition, he commented that he lives in an apartment in Miraflores with two roomies and that from Monday to Sunday he takes public transport to go from his district to Barranco to exercise.

“I take the bus to save a little money, it’s good transportation, I spend three soles a day,” revealed Renzo Spraggon.


On the other hand, Renzo Spraggon assured that he has taken care of his parents since he was 14 years old and at the moment he is going through a difficult time because his father’s health is cracked.

“Now I’m not going through a good time because of a problem with my dad, who is sick, we are waiting for some studies, depending on that I’m seeing if I bring him to Peru for a treatment he needs,” he said.


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