Lucía de la Cruz’s Fiery Clash with Samahara Lobatón on ‘La Casa de Magaly’

2023-10-01 16:48:01 Lucía de la Cruz was the special guest of the most recent episode of the program ‘La Casa de Magaly’, where she arrived to help in the kitchen. However, for a moment, the situation became tense after the appearance of Samahara Lobatón. LOOK: Lucía De La Cruz will undergo eye surgery: “Diabetes affected … Read more

Revealing the Secrets of La Casa de Magaly: What Really Happened in the Reality Show

2023-09-24 06:53:45 Andrés Hurtado and Patricio Suárez Vértiz met again in Porque Hoy es Sábado with Andrés, after their participation in La Casa de Magaly and assured that they cannot give details of what happened in the reality show, ‘under penalty of a million-dollar penalty’. “Patricio we haven’t seen each other since La Casa, since … Read more

Renzo Spraggon’s Journey to Success: From Erotic Dancer to Entrepreneur and Supportive Son

2023-09-07 04:20:54 Renzo Spraggon has gained notoriety in recent weeks for his participation in ‘La casa de Magaly’. However, he says that ever since he came to Peru eight years ago, he has ‘cracked’ working to achieve his goals. Thus, according to the magpie program, the Argentine bought a 500-square-meter house, with a large garden … Read more

Surprising Confession: Alfredo Benavides Likes Robotina and Offers an Opportunity!

2023-09-06 15:50:07 Karelys Molina, the popular “Robótina”, said that she was surprised to learn that Alfredo Benavides said that he liked it and thanks him for the opportunity he gave him to work in his circus. In addition, she pointed out that if she was offered the offer to enter the second season of “La … Read more

The Rise of Reality Shows: A Phenomenon on Television and Social Media

2023-09-05 02:15:00 LOOK ALSO: Lisa Kenna, outgoing ambassador of the United States: “My years in Peru have been enriching” You can search online for the videos that record in houses and streets what happened after defining the first place of the contest in which 14 celebrities were isolated and monitored 24/7 for 71 days. Not … Read more

Outrageous Homophobic Attacks on La Uchulú: Support from Gerald Queen and Chollywood Stars

2023-08-31 12:45:05 OUTRAGEOUS. La Uchulú has generated commotion this week, but not because of her own actions, but because of the homophobic attacks she was the victim of at the hands of Carlos Cacho and Andrés Hurtado in the last episode of ‘La casa de Magaly’. The theme comes from the beginning of the reality … Read more

Sensual Dance Surprises at Magaly’s House: Alfredo Benavides, Renzo Spraggon, DJ Pamela, and More!

2023-08-23 07:18:50 Alfredo Benavides and Renzo Spraggon were surprised at Magaly’s house by DJ Pamela, who performed a sensual dance for them, to the uproar of the other reality show participants. In the images you can see how the dancer exudes sensuality in every step, putting the comic actor and the stripper in trouble. TROME … Read more

Vanessa López’s Surprising Revelation: Jean Deza Compared to Lionel Messi

2023-08-19 04:24:23 NOT TO BELIEVE! In the last episode of “La Casa de Magaly”, Vanessa López made a revelation that surprised her companions and her viewers, since she compared Jean Deza with Lionel Messi. Trome|Vanessa López tells why she dated Jean Deza During a conversation she had with Gabriela Serpa, Shirley Cherres and Samahara Lobatón, … Read more