Bryan Torres: Interview with Magaly Medina and Controversies with Ex-Partners

2023-12-01 05:10:19 Bryan Torres, Samahara Lobatón’s partner, joined Magaly Medina’s program live this Thursday to talk about Youna’s recent statements, who revealed that the singer blocked him from communicating with his daughter. In the middle of the conversation, the magpie consulted him about a previous ex-partner, Pamela Ampuero, who assured that he hit her repeatedly, … Read more

Lucía de la Cruz’s Fiery Clash with Samahara Lobatón on ‘La Casa de Magaly’

2023-10-01 16:48:01 Lucía de la Cruz was the special guest of the most recent episode of the program ‘La Casa de Magaly’, where she arrived to help in the kitchen. However, for a moment, the situation became tense after the appearance of Samahara Lobatón. LOOK: Lucía De La Cruz will undergo eye surgery: “Diabetes affected … Read more

Thamara Gómez Breaks Silence and Sends Strong Barbs to Samahara Lobatón: Exclusive Revelations Inside!

2023-09-09 00:31:00 Thamara Gómez broke her silence after showing off with Youna in a nightclub in Miami, United States, and after clarifying her connection with the barber, the singer took the opportunity to send strong barbs to Samahara Lobatón. LOOK: Christian Domínguez: “I have been quite a liar in the past” The former member of … Read more

Samahara Lobatón Hits Back at Melissa Klug’s Comments: Taking Charge of Her Own Life and Relationships

2023-09-05 23:01:46 Samahara Lobatón did not hold anything back and did not hesitate to attack her mother, Melissa Klug, after her latest statements in ‘América Hoy’ about her relationship with Bryan Torres. The influencer launched acid comments about it and assured that the decisions she makes are her responsibility. LOOK: Oswaldo Valenzuela in “outings” with … Read more

Vanessa López Opens Up About ‘Tomate’ Barraza’s Unusual Request – Latest News and Updates

2023-08-30 18:01:45 Between joke and joke, the truth appears. ‘Magaly’s house’ continues to give people something to talk about. This time, Vanessa López confessed that “Tomate” Barraza, the father of her daughter, asks her for a son, despite not being together. LOOK: ‘La Uchulú’ on discussion with Carlos Cacho: “Within the community there is a … Read more

Samahara Lobatón’s Shocking Revelation: The Truth About Her Father Abel Lobatón

2023-08-07 08:12:38 Samahara Lobatón participated in a new edition of ‘América Hoy’ and surprised everyone by revealing what she thinks of her father Abel Lobatón. “He only calls me when he is live, when he needs something, then he doesn’t call me, he doesn’t ask me about her granddaughter. Don’t believe my dad, women, he’s … Read more

Samahara Lobatón: Strong Criticisms and Controversies with Youna and Mother Melissa Klug

2023-08-06 22:07:27 Samahara Lobatón strongly criticizes her mother for leading the party in peace with Youna. He is running out of allies! Samahara Lobatón appeared in the magazine of america today to pass your casting LIVE and try your luck if you Gisela Valcárcel He sees potential as a panelist. However, like many of her … Read more

“Samahara Lobatón and Youna Celebrate Name Day Together at Shephard’s Beach Resort”

2023-05-07 22:15:39 Samahara Lobaton surprised his followers by posting photos with Youna. The influencer announced that her family gathered to spend a few days at Shephard’s Beach Resort and thus commemorate the barber’s name day. “Birthday weekend. May God and the universe continue to allow us to spend many more birthdays together (with this one … Read more