expected after Songkran “Dengue” has gone viral. 3 cases have been found dead. Worried about symptoms similar to “Covid”, treatment is slow.

Department of Disease Control expected after Songkran Dengue fever epidemic after 2 years of hiatus. Thai people’s health has decreased. Afraid of species 2, causing more severe symptoms, revealing that the first 3 months, 3 people are dead. They know that the treatment is slow, because they are worried about “Covid” until they forget about dengue fever. because the symptoms are similar Reiterating covid fever with respiratory symptoms Dengue fever, high fever, aches and pains, severe headaches, hemorrhagic spots. Warn of being infected with 2 diseases at the same time

On March 21, Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Mention dengue hemorrhagic fever and COVID-19 that dengue fever is an endemic disease in Thailand. An indication of the outbreak is Aedes mosquito larvae, which are now surveyed. The mosquito larvae index began to increase. Especially at the beginning of this year, there is a lot of rain, signaling that dengue fever is likely to be strong. may start to spread more after Songkran and is likely to spread Because of the dengue epidemic pattern, it looks like every other year or 2 years apart. Infected people will have immunity for 1 year, but dengue fever has not spread in Thailand for 2 years. It is expected that immunity to dengue fever is very low. This year, it is expected to be dengue hemorrhagic fever, the second strain of dengue virus, which is worrying because if infected with other strains will make the disease more serious. high chance of death

“Dengue has no specific antiviral drug. There is a critical point When the fever is high, then the fever is reducing. After that, there will be symptoms of bleeding and shock. During this period, it must be closely supported, such as bringing blood and giving fluids to prevent shock. and if the bleeding is profuse will cause lung flooding and death,” said Dr. Opas.

Dr. Opas also said that the early symptoms of dengue fever were very close to covid. and with the covid epidemic all over the country When infected, the first symptoms are fever. which may be indistinguishable Unless there are obvious respiratory symptoms such as snot, sore throat, but if there is a fever, aches and pains, a lot of headaches, nausea and vomiting. can’t eat It will be a symptom of dengue fever, so if symptoms are similar to dengue fever. asked to see a doctor blood test Don’t think of yourself as COVID only. and two diseases can be at the same time

“We have found the deceased, with fever, headache, a little runny nose. I thought it was covid and tested for covid but my symptoms started getting worse. vomiting blood Doctors draw blood and detect dengue fever, so if you experience any strange symptoms or are unsure, seek immediate medical attention. Both the village headman, the village headman, the Volunteer Volunteer, helped to get rid of the larvae in the water tank. to reduce the chances of mosquitoes,” said Dr. Opas.

Dr. Opas said that for the first 3 months of this year Found 3 deaths from dengue fever compared to last year, 6 deaths for the whole year for groups to be careful It was originally a child, but later found more in adults. Because parents began to protect their children more. But adults may not be careful, even the age of 60 can be. All age groups think it’s the common cold or covid. So it’s a matter of caution. The Department of Disease Control has now prepared a support plan. On March 22, it will be presented at the meeting of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Public Health for the Dr. Sor. P.O.P. to implement the plan through the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee mechanism. that doesn’t just look at covid alone but must look at the diseases that are dangerous to all people The plan is divided into phases, namely, before the outbreak, the first suspected case must be monitored and controlled. Currently, an insect-led infectious disease control unit has been set up. to survey and spray chemicals to eliminate mosquito larvae

When asked whether the deaths from dengue fever this year were caused by ignorance and late treatment, Dr. Opas said that it happened both from being aware of it late. I think I’m infected with covid thought that would be nothing and did not expect that this year’s dengue fever will be strong and fast Some people think they have the common cold and take NSAIDs or aspirin to increase gastrointestinal bleeding. The deceased this year were teenagers and adults. No young children have died yet. need to be careful

Dr Wichan Pawan, director of the Division of General Communicable Diseases, Department of Disease Control, said that dengue fever has an epidemic season. especially the rainy season The epidemic characteristics every year or every 2 years, which this year, the Department of Disease Control predicts that there will be more dengue fever because the last 2 years there has been a decrease in outbreaks. This year, therefore, we must be vigilant. which prevents and controls both dengue fever and covid Let me explain that the two diseases are different. Dengue fever is characterized by high fever, headache, bone pain, loss of appetite, and some have hemorrhagic spots. or easy bleeding The symptoms of covid mostly have a fever Respiratory symptoms The nose doesn’t smell, the tongue doesn’t taste, and the risks of the two diseases are different. The dengue fever is caused by mosquitoes. While covids are caused by exposure to secretions, coughing and sneezing, if there is concern that if you are sick with 2 diseases at the same time, will the symptoms be severe or not? The data that has been collected is yet to determine whether it will exacerbate it. Still need to keep collecting data. But there is a possibility that both infections are at risk of severe symptoms. Especially the group with weak immune system, the elderly must be careful and not underestimate.

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