Explaining Lance Stroll’s Singapore GP Crash and His Recovery for F1 Japan Grand Prix

2023-09-21 23:01:00

Aston Martin F1’s Lance Stroll has explained why he missed the Singapore GP final after suffering a “nearly 50G” crash in qualifying ahead of this weekend’s F1 Japan Grand Prix. On Saturday evening, Stroll, who was looking to escape from the Q1 relegation zone, went wide at the final corner, sending him into a high-speed spin and crashing into the barriers. On Sunday morning, Aston Martin announced that Stroll had agreed to sit out the race.

Although his participation in this weekend’s race remains in doubt, Stroll is ready to race in Japan and stressed that he is “in better shape than on Sunday.” Although Stroll’s conditions were stable enough to race, he claimed he had concerns about whether he would be able to cope with the grueling demands that Singapore’s 62 laps would place on drivers. “I was well enough to race, but not well enough to run Singapore, which is the toughest race of the year,” Stroll added. Stroll reveals that at the time of qualifying, he expected his participation in the remaining races this weekend to be uncertain. “Saturday night I felt it creeping up on me and I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy waking up on Sunday morning,” Stroll said, adding that the G-forces of the crash were “close to 50G” and that he will be racing at the Mugello circuit during the 2020 season. compared with a severe shunt that interrupted the “It was also Mugello. I don’t know how big it was, but it felt pretty big,” Stroll said. “I had a puncture at Mugello a few years ago and went off the track. It was pretty big, and it wasn’t small at all!” denied the idea that it would be mentally tough. “With any experience you learn from it and focus on the next weekend. That’s how I look at the whole thing. “It was definitely frustrating to end the weekend that way. The weekend had a lot more potential but it ended the way it did. I’m now fully focused and looking forward to Suzuka.”Meanwhile, teammate Fernando Alonso suffered an accident and is looking forward to Suzuka. The result was a tough one, finishing in the bottom. Aston Martin was confident that it would be back in contention for the top spot in F1, which had returned to a high-downforce circuit configuration after a difficult performance at Monza. However, Aston Martin was unable to capitalize on Red Bull’s unexpected slump, with Alonso only qualifying seventh and the race heavily affected by damage, time penalties and late pit stops. Still, Stroll said the team’s woes justified him missing the race, citing Oscar Piastri’s move up 10 places to seventh, which could have earned him points. This is proof that it cannot be done. “For me, it means there’s always a chance to race on Sunday and get some points,” Stroll explained. “On Sunday I saw drivers who started quite far back move up the order and pick up points. You never know what could happen. “If I had been fit and felt really good I would have been in the race, but yeah I didn’t think it was the right thing to do and I thought it would delay my recovery to come here and drive and feel 100%.”Ahead of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, Stroll said he was confident of Aston Martin’s strong results. He has taken a passive attitude towards expectations, and is particularly wary of the excessive drag of the AMR23 car hindering the team on tracks running at full throttle. Asked if the Suzuka circuit would suit Aston Martin’s package, Stroll said: “I hope so! It’s always difficult to answer this question, but it’s a very tight field right now and we’re a bit on the druggy side. I think so,” he said. “There are still a lot of straights here, so it’s important to drive efficiently. I don’t know what our pace will be in the fast corners of sector 1, but I hope the balance and setup of the car works well and it’s not too draggy. “I think it’ll be the weekend.” “But like I said, it’s really difficult to answer that question because it’s a lot more clear now what kind of driving you can do on a particular track. “A lot of teams go back and forth from where they were last weekend, and in some ways things change a lot at different tracks. I hope we can be very competitive.”

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