Exploring the Intersection of Science and Art: Discover Liu Chenxiu and the ASUS Vivobook 16X

2023-10-27 03:19:01

What we want you to know is Liu Chenxiu, an assistant professor at the Institute of Applied Arts of National Yang-Ming University of Science and Technology. He has multiple slash identities. For creators who constantly pursue innovation in artistic concepts and media presentation, it is bound to have good results. Tool assistance. ASUS Vivobook 16X laptop is equipped with NVDIA GeForce RTX 4060 notebook GPU, providing the best tool for creators. It is thin and light while taking into account performance and convenience, helping creators to express their creativity without worries. A Ph.D. in physics, an artist, and a scientist, these seemingly disparate roles merge seamlessly into the life trajectory of Liu Chenxiu, an assistant professor at the Institute of Applied Arts of National Yang-Ming University of Science and Technology. In Liu Chenxiu’s eyes, science and art are essentially the same, except that science emphasizes exploration and art emphasizes expression. He loves both science and art, and has become a cross-border creator. Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio With the emergence of generative AI in recent years, Liu Chenxiu believes that the new technology blurs the boundaries between humans and machines, but it will not replace artists, but will allow people to create more efficiently. Among them, the key to turning creativity into works comes from creator laptops equipped with a new generation of laptop GPUs, which are easy to carry and have excellent performance. They can not only shorten the calculation and execution time of design software, but also instantly present interactive artistic effects in the field. Experimental creation starts from the source of coding, and NVIDIA GPU accelerates generative AI creativity smoothly. Recently, Liu Chenxiu integrated Gen AI tools into creation, starting from the program coding level, choosing Python and TensorFlow programming language architecture, feeding a large amount of data and training AI to generate different arts. The medium or style of the form. “We often use deep learning models VGG-16 and VGG-19 to process image operations. Because of the large amount of data and parameters, more than 100,000 images were input in the past, and it took two or three days to complete the calculation; now because With GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs, it can be completed in three to four hours, and the computing efficiency is greatly improved.” Liu Chenxiu explained. Since Liu Chenxiu’s artistic techniques are quite experimental, he often needs to repeatedly input new parameter observations. The powerful and real-time GPU computing power, coupled with the lightweight and portable ASUS creative notebook, allows interactive art to be used in laboratories, even exhibitions, and theaters. Immediate results. Liu Chenxiu then shared that one of the creative programs he often uses, such as the 3D computing software Blender, itself “sucks up” the performance of the graphics card. If you turn on GPU-accelerated OptiX ray tracing technology, you can shorten the time required for screen rendering when creating. For example, he said, “Once we captured Taiwan satellite terrain data to make a model, the amount of data was very large. If the GPU performance was not strong enough, it would take a lot of time just to turn the model over in the computer, and we might encounter problems. The screen freezes.” “I found that when using design software on hardware equipped with GeForce RTX GPU, the work process is very smooth, and the emphasis on speed here not only saves time, but also accelerates creative generation, which can be said to be artistic creation. The catalyst.” Liu Chenxiu explained. In addition to benefiting from NVIDIA Studio to speed up software running, it also needs to be paired with a notebook computer with excellent specifications to enhance the user’s operating experience. ASUS Vivobook captures the designer’s taste, and a laptop assists in the perfect presentation of art performances. Liu Chenxiu shares a laptop he often “plays” recently, ASUS Vivobook 16X, equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4060 laptop GPU and exclusive free NVIDIA Studio driver meets diverse needs such as work or creation. As an artist, he is also very particular about the design of the product itself. “This laptop has a simple appearance, which is very suitable for modern artists and designers to show their personal taste. Coupled with top-level computing performance, it equals both aesthetics and convenience.” Liu Chenxiu explained. . As a professor, I have to prepare lectures and continue to create, which requires me to stare at the screen for a long time. How to strike a balance between color saturation and eye fatigue, ASUS Vivobook 16X gives the answer. Liu Chenxiu mentioned that he really likes the NanoEdge narrow bezel design of this laptop. The 16-inch screen accounts for 86% of the entire laptop. The 2.5K 144Hz display has very rich color contrast. When processing high-saturation pictures or animation materials, observe Effects at different levels can be presented delicately. In addition, this laptop screen has passed TÜV Rheinland’s low blue light eye protection certification, so long-term operation will not cause any obvious burden on the eyes. Before each work of art is displayed to the viewer, it often requires a lot of adjustments. Liu Chenxiu mentioned that the operation interface of some modeling software is equipped with quite a few buttons. If the laptop screen is too small, you may click the wrong buttons or you may not see them clearly. ASUS Vivobook 16X has a 16-inch 16:10 screen, which not only improves the viewing experience, but the screen hinge can also rotate 180 degrees. When discussing with other creators or students, it can also be quickly flattened so that the other party can see the information on the screen. . Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio In addition, ASUS Vivobook 16X is equipped with the latest MUX independent graphics direct connection switch. You can choose “independent graphics card mode” to achieve low latency, optimize the experience of games and other intensive work, or choose “hybrid mode” to Extend battery life. The top-of-the-line NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 4060 graphics card powered by NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. Whether you are just starting out on your creative journey, or you need to handle professional-level rendering or live broadcasting, with the support of advanced graphics card features such as ray tracing, AI acceleration, and GDDR6 high-speed memory, you can smoothly complete all tasks and achieve optimal performance and stability. Learn more: ASUS Vivobook 16X Co-creation becomes a new artistic expression method in the future, and NVIDIA Omniverse enables long-distance artistic collaboration. Since childhood, I have liked to explore science and appreciate the beauty of physics. Due to the influence of humanistic thinking, I have regarded artistic creation as a relationship between myself and myself. Narrative devices of social dialogue. From Liu Chenxiu’s works, we can see a very important element, that is, he loves to explore the complex relationship between nature, technology and human beings. “In the field of new media technology art, collaboration has become a very mainstream work mode. Artists create in different time and space backgrounds, but they also need to transfer digital data to each other to start the next stage of work.” Liu Chenxiu said. For the needs of art creators, NVIDIA has created an NVIDIA Omniverse platform, which is equivalent to the interconnection center of 3D workflow, allowing creators to create simultaneously in real time, replacing the linear process of the past. Coupled with the use of the OpenUSD function, which converts files into the same USD format, creators can create ideas and collaborate more efficiently. For creators like Liu Chenxiu who have multiple collaborative identities and are constantly pursuing innovation in artistic concepts and media presentations, having good tools is even more powerful. Liu Chenxiu finally said, “During the creative process, I attach great importance to the element of ‘fluidity’. ASUS Vivobook 16X and the GeForce RTX 4060 laptop GPU are equivalent to giving creators the strongest weapons, not only taking into account performance and convenience, There are no worries on the way to creation.” If you want to have the best performance of ASUS laptops, become a member of ASUS Education Store now. Students/faculty log in to enjoy exclusive discounts, and you will get 500 yuan in shopping credits when you log in for the first time!Log in now: ASUS Education Store

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