Expo 2020 Dubai: Four days only | 27Sep2021

Dubai : There are only four days left for the World Congress. Expo 2020 will officially open to the world on October 1st. Crowds have already started ahead of the inauguration.

In front of the main gate of the venue is a long line of people arriving as special guests. The venue is now mostly visited by businessmen and school children from the UAE. With the heat subsiding in the UAE, many people are flocking to enjoy the beauty of the fair with a special one-day pass. Most people take advantage of the facility to park their vehicle in a special parking lot and take a bus to the main gate. LEDs in front of the main gate. No more rushing to take photos in the bright light and enjoy the wonders of the World Cup.

The Qur’an can be seen in kilograms of gold

Dubai : The Qur’an, made of 200 kg of gold, will be on display at Expo 2020. Visitors can see first-hand the progress of the work, which is expected to be completed by 2025. It is designed by Pakistani artist Shahid Razam. Expo 2020 is one of the largest exhibitions in the region. Shahid said he hopes the work will reach millions of people by being displayed here.

He is also the Principal of the Karachi Art Council Institute of Art and Craft. The Qur’an is made of gold letters on pages of high quality aluminum plate. Such a creation is unprecedented in Islamic history. So far, the Qur’an has traditionally been made of paper, cloth and leather. The Golden Qur’an is based on the idea that there is a difference. 200 kg of gold and 2000 kg of aluminum will be used for this. The work will contain 80,000 words in 550 pages. It will be six and a half feet wide and eight and a half feet high. He said in a press conference that a team of 200 artists would help in its construction. Dubai Pakistan Association President Dr. Faisal Iqram and businessman Irfan Mustafa were also present.

Sheikh Mohammed visited the Operations Room

UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai visited the Expo 2020 Operations Room. The Expo ” main operations room is staffed by 134 teams from 95 countries. Discussed with officials and inspected the emergency preparations at the venue. On September 12, Sheikh Mohammed cycled to assess the venues of the festival.

Sheikh Mohammed said the expo would be an unpredictable experience. Sheikh Mohammed reviewed the preparations of the Dubai Police. Police use the latest smart technologies to ensure a high level of security. A system based on artificial intelligence will enable the police to respond to any emergency within minutes.

Officials briefed the Dubai administration on the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) plans to provide public transport. He reviewed the performance of Dubai Metro Route 2020, which serves half a million passengers daily. RTA to serve Expo visitors for free 126 buses have been deployed from nine stations. In addition, shuttle buses will take visitors to the Expo venue and hotels.

Five Line Drive Through Kovid Inspection Facility

A five-lane Drive Through Kovid inspection facility has been set up for visitors at the Expo 2020 venue. Authorities have increased the drive-through facility as Kovid has made test results mandatory for expo visitors. The center, which can perform 10,000 tests per day, will also get results within four hours.

UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, visited the Expo Operations Center on Sunday. Sheikh Mohammed reviewed the preparations of multiple teams, including the Dubai Health Authority and the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS). The Health Authority’s Expo Emergency Center will provide comprehensive health services to visitors.

KMCC to represent expatriates

Dubai With just a few days to go before the world premiere of Expo 2020 kicks off, the UAE is gearing up for a huge expatriate presence at the expo. National KMCC President Puthur Rahman said talks with Expo officials and the Indian Consulate were over.

On November 5 from 8 pm to 10 pm at the Amphitheater in the Indian Pavilion, there will be a performance of Kerala’s unique martial arts such as Valpayt, Urumi and Churika under the auspices of KMCC. Mohiniyattam, Kathakali, Kolkali, Margamkali, Thiruvathira, Arabana and Oppana, popular art forms of Kerala, will be performed on December 3 from 6 to 9 pm at the Indoor Auditorium.

The Dubai Millennium Amphitheater, the largest venue for the Expo, will host the Salam Dubai Art Festival on March 11 from 7pm to 10pm as a symbol of the fusion of Indo – Arab cultures.

It will be a tribute to the expatriate community in India for the Dubai government’s Kovidkala healthcare efforts. These events will be attended by eminent artists from India and the UAE. In addition to the wonders of Indian pavilions, KMCC also hosts exhibitions showcasing the art and culture of Kerala. Preparing.

“Expo 2020, the world’s largest cultural event, will bring a new lease of life to Dubai. Thank you to KMCC for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this great movement by bringing together more than 200 Indian talents in this New World Fair ” – UAE KMCC General Secretary P. K. Anwar Naha said.

Expo 2020 will pave the way for the world’s largest cultural and knowledge exchange. KMCC is committed to joining hands with the Dubai government to host the largest economic, development and cultural ventures since Kovid’s recession. The leaders said they were proud.

The leaders hoped that the success of the event would be ensured by the participation of politicians and cultural activists from Kerala in each of the venues. The event will be chaired by Chief Patron Shamsuddin bin Muhyuddin, President Puthur Rahman, General Secretary Anwar Naha, Nisar Thalankara and Working President Abdullah Farooqi.


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