Extensive Mapping and Criteria-based Placement of Terminals: Learn about the Walloon Scheme to Deploy Public Terminals

2023-08-29 18:31:06

As our colleagues from Le Soir explain, the location of these terminals stems from extensive mapping work and the consideration of a series of criteria such as population density, type of habitat, presence of shops , shopping, sports or cultural centres, stations, etc.

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The terminals will be deployed in a very differentiated way by municipality: from one in Berloz to 185 in Charleroi, 97 in Liège, 52 in Namur or 39 in Mons, via eight in Paliseul or Nivelles. Only two municipalities, Blegny and Ellezelles, have chosen not to be part of the Walloon scheme.

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An envelope of 15 million euros is planned as it stands by the Walloon government for this network, which will go through the granting of concessions to private operators responsible for installing the terminals, maintaining them and operating them in the ‘public space.

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