Fabián Cubero’s firm decision after the conflicts with Nicole Neumann: “I’m focused on Mica’s pregnancy, I don’t talk about the other issue anymore”

Five years after the separation of Nicole Neumann, Fabian Cubero spend a present of great happiness with Mica Vicicontewho is in the last days of pregnancy.

Far from wanting to tarnish his fullness, the former soccer player made a firm decision about his ex and the conflicts that separate them.

“How are things with Nicole? Are they calmer?” he asked Alexander Guatti to Cubero in a note from the theater for Intruders.

Firmly, the Bean replied: “Nothing is said about anything. I am very focused on Mica’s pregnancy. Of the other… There is no more talk of the subject.”

“How are things with Nicole? Are they calmer?” Guatti asked Cubero, who replied: “Nothing is said about anything. I am very focused on Mica’s pregnancy.”

We are focused on this project (the family). With Mica we are also very busy and very happy with the arrival of Luca,” added Cubero.

Attentive to his statement, the chronicler retorted: “Do you think pregnancy brought peace?”. And the former soccer player was suggestive with his response: “We’re fine, and that’s what we’re focused on. Nothing else.”


Counting down the days for the arrival in the world of his first child with Mica Viciconte, Fabian Cubero He did not hide the anxiety that lives in the final stretch of the sweet wait.

“As the date gets closer, we get more anxious. The belly is growing and one is already prepared. Everything is already set up,” said the Poroto, happily awaiting the big day.

Fabián Cubero is already the father of three girls, Indiana, Allegra and Sienna, fruit of his marriage to Nicole Neumann, ended in 2017.

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