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Dusseldorf Airport

The airline Air China suspends its flights to Düsseldorf.

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Beijing, Yokohama, Dusseldorf According to the new way of counting virus cases in China, the number of confirmed infections has risen again sharply. However, experts are also cautious about the new figures and fear a high number of unreported cases. The WHO says that there is “no significant change in pattern” in the severity and death rate of the virus.

Meanwhile, new developments in cruise ships have emerged: the first 500 passengers of the “Westerdam” can disembark in Kamdobscha this Friday. While also some passengers the “Diamond Princess” left the Aida cruiser “AIDAvita” Problems in Vietnam and cannot start at the bay. Are on board 1100 passengers mostly from Germany and 400 crew members. The most important developments regarding the corona virus.

The most important developments regarding the course of the epidemic at a glance:

  • The number of newly detected fatalities caused by the corona virus has increased sharply in China in the particularly severely affected province of Hubei. As reported by Chinese state television on Friday, 116 new deaths were registered in Hubei, bringing the Total number of dead nationwide since almost the onset of the disease 1400 lies. The number of detected infections is almost 65,000,
  • The fact that the numbers are skyrocketing is due to new way of counting caseswhich is now being used in China. As the Hubei Province Health Commission announced that the diagnostic results were “revised” after an examination. Patients were added according to the new classification. Accordingly, cases of “clinical diagnoses” have been included in the number of confirmed diagnoses since Thursday. What that means exactly and how this explains the surge in statistics was initially unclear.
  • Worldwide, more than 580 infections have now been confirmed outside of mainland China, most of them in Japan. In Germany, two more infections were added on Wednesday, so that the total number of infections is now 16. (Read more about the spread of the virus on the real-time map of Johns Hopkins University).
  • China is the country to be read from the statistics Death rate at around two percent, outside of that at 0.2 percent. Elderly patients are a particular risk group.
  • In order to be prepared for the possible spread of the corona virus in Europe, the EU health minister met in Brussels. The ministers also want to ensure that enough protective masks or gloves are available for doctors and nurses. The EU Commission should collect the needs of the countries and bundle them into large orders.
  • In Bavaria On Wednesday, a person suffering from the coronavirus was discharged from the hospital for the first time. The Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care does not provide any details. The decision was preceded by intensive talks between the State Office for Health and Food Safety and experts with the participation of the Robert Koch Institute. 13 more remain in treatment in Munich, and there are still two cases of infection in Frankfurt. In addition to the infected, well over 100 people are in quarantine in Germany.
  • In Tokyo According to a media report, a taxi driver has been tested positive for the new corona virus. The man apparently transported Chinese passengers, the TV channel NHK reported, citing the Ministry of Health.
  • Singapore records the so far biggest increase in new infections. The Ministry of Health announced that eight new patients had been added within one day. In total there are now 58 confirmed cases. 15 of these patients had recovered and had been released from the hospital, and seven were in critical condition.
  • Japan allows the cruise ship to quarantine over 80 years of age and those with pre-existing conditions “Diamond Princess” leave early. Originally, all passengers and crew members should not board until February 19, reports the Japanese broadcaster NHK. According to Minister of Health Katsunobu Kato, 44 ​​new infections have been reported on the ship.
  • After days of odyssey through Asian waters, 2300 people came on board the “Westerdam” Literally land in sight: The cruise ship, which was not allowed to call at several Asian ports due to concerns about the introduction of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, has arrived in Cambodia. The ship from Hong Kong landed in Sihanoukville on Thursday evening (local time), as port director Lou Kimchhun confirmed. According to the Holland America Line shipping company, there were also passengers on board the ship 57 Germans. Around 500 people should leave the ship in Cambodia on Friday.
  • The next odyssey of a cruise ship could begin: The “AIDAvita” the Rostock shipping company Aida Cruises was unable to call the Vietnamese port city of Cai Lan in Halong Bay. The local tourism authority has prohibited passengers and crew from going ashore, said an employee of the authority. According to the shipping company, around 1,100 passengers and 400 crew members, mostly from Germany, are on the “Aidavita”. The shipping company emphasized that there were no virus cases on board. The ship also did not call a Chinese port.
  • In the Chinese worst affected by the coronavirus Hubei Province is there a Change at the head of the Communist Party. Former Shanghai mayor Ying Yong will replace Jiang Chaoliang, the Xinhua state news agency said on Thursday. Jiang’s departure follows the resignation of two other senior officials in Hubei.
  • The corona crisis also affects air traffic to Düsseldorf. The Airline Air China flights to the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia will be suspended from next week. Air China got “capacitive reasons” named for the suspension of flights, explains the airport. So the machines were underutilized, also because very few people are currently flying to China. It is planned to reopen the route from March, Air China told the airport.

Coronavirus: “The current number of infected could only be the tip of the iceberg”

What else you should know:

The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects the first for the current quarter due to the coronavirus epidemic Decline in global oil demand since the peak of the financial crisis in 2009. For the full year 2020, the IEA has lowered its forecast to 825,000 barrels a day (bpd). That is 365,000 bpd less than the previous estimate.

The Experts of HSBC cut their economic forecast for China because of the corona virus. You now expect one Economic growth of 4.1 percent in the first quarter. So far, they had predicted 5.8 percent. Economic output will grow by 5.3 percent in the full year, which would be 0.5 percentage points less than previously expected. Global growth will also be lower at 2.3 percent.

The one planned for April 19 in Shanghai Formula 1 race is postponed. The organizers say that the reason is the continuing concerns about health risks. In the past few days, several major sporting events that were planned for the near future in China had already been canceled or postponed.

The opec given the virus outbreak cuts their forecast for global oil demand this year. The organization of the oil-exporting countries now reports that an increase of 990,000 barrels per day is still expected. That is 230,000 barrels (1 barrel = 159 liters) less than in the previous forecast

The outbreak of the novel virus is burdening air traffic in China. The number of international flights has dropped by three quarters since the beginning of the epidemic and half of domestic flights, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said. China will need 14 percent less kerosene than originally expected in the first quarter of this year and 15 percent in the second quarter, the IEA predicts.

The Handelsblatt reports:

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