Fadeev spoke honestly about Nargiz

Max Fadeev worked with the singer for several years Nargiz. The composer wrote her soulful songs that made her a world-class star. However, in 2019, the artists broke up.

Nargiz then accused Fadeev of allegedly not giving a damn about her. Max, in his defense, stated that his ward was ungrateful.

Fans often ask if Fadeev regrets working with the artist. Max responds like this:

Even more news about the stars in the Telegram channel “Star dust”.

“I regret what is happening to her now. Yes, people see everything. A lot of love and human goodness was invested in it. We sang about human feelings. She was believed. And now I don’t know, ”said the composer.

This year, Nargiz was banned from entering Russia. Against the backdrop of difficult world events, the singer began to speak aggressively against our compatriots. It was fair to forbid her to earn money in the country that she, as it turned out, hates.

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