Fairy Carrot: 3D Action Adventure Game – Japanese Indie Team Riinwin

2023-11-17 05:37:54

Japanese independent game team riinwin has released a spoof of the 3D action adventure “Fairy Carrots”, in which big-muscled “fairies” (rabbit-eared fairies) invade the boudoir of beautiful girls to steal carrots to eat. It is expected to be released on Steam in January 2024. Supports game interfaces in 8 languages ​​including Traditional Chinese. The story of “Fairy’s Carrot” takes place in a big house shared by 9 beautiful girls. The player controls a “fairy” who loves to eat carrots. He is tiny and looks like he comes from the world of “Grounded”. He wears a rabbit ear headband and a body. Wear suspender split panties (Cloth out!) and look for your favorite carrots everywhere. The little fairy is also known as the “little hater”. The girls hate him very much for some reason and will shoot him with a submachine gun whenever they find him. Therefore, players must take advantage of their size to sneak into the room and hide in the gaps in the table, behind bookshelves and computers, under the bed, etc. to avoid being chased by the girl and quietly find the carrots in the furniture. The game has a prompt function that will help players find carrots. They can also turn off the prompts and immerse themselves in a reduced life from a third-person perspective. The little hater is not just muscular. In fact, he has extremely high physical fitness. Parkour moves such as double jumping, climbing walls, flying over walls, etc. are not difficult for him. In the trailer, you can see the protagonist rolling to dodge bullets, jumping on a sleeping girl, and even hanging on a remote-controlled airplane to move quickly. “Fairy Carrot” will be released on Steam in January 2024 and supports Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

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