Fajardo and Rodolfo are defining how to unite for the first round

“There is talk to agree on it before Friday,” a source who knew firsthand told us. He explained that Rodolfo Hernández, his strategist Ángel Beccassino, Sergio Fajardo and the elected green senators Angélica Lozano and Jota Pe Hernández, the party’s most voted influencer, attended.

Fajardo has already consulted the other members of the Coalition of Hope about the union. One of them told us that “they are probably thinking about a survey”.

That coincides with what a Fajardista told us when we asked him about the union: “They have considered the possibility of conducting a survey… Surely it will be a mechanism where both have a chance of winning,” he said.

However, there is a legal context that must be resolved, since the candidates who presented themselves to a consultation and won almost are obliged to reach the first round (as we explain in detail in this story).

According to former magistrate Armando Novoa, although no article mentions that whoever wins the consultation is obliged to reach the first round, if he does not do so, he would not receive the money from the replacement of votes and could have to pay the cost of making the consultation. .

This could even affect not only the candidate, in this case Fajardo, but also the other pre-candidates of his coalition who are also waiting for the money from the replacement of their votes in the consultation, a concern that one of the members of the coalition pointed out to us. .

This meeting takes place after the coffee that Fajardo and Hernández had on March 29. Then Fajardo published a photo of him on social networks and Hernández did the same, saying that they agreed that the main problem in the country was corruption. Although the former mayor deleted a first trill that said the same thing but included the phrase: “my only alliance is with the people.”

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